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Did you know, 53% of children do 2 or more activities each week?


Mums and Dads encourage new activities at pre-school age and children are influenced by friends and TV when they are a little older.

The number of activities children do peaks between ages 7 and 11. 


We understand what Mums and Dads want and we help them see YOU

Did you know... girls and boys have closer tastes in what they want to try than you may have guessed.

Our research highlights just as many girls as boys want outdoor adventure and almost as many boys as girls want to dance.



Tap into this growing family market with KalliKids through


News and Offers

Announce your news, offers and achievements in the weekly newsletter to local KalliKids parents.

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Social Posts

Speak to our audience of over 60,000 social followers with dedicated posts from KalliKids and shared posts from your own page.

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KalliKids Search Results

Get discovered through the KalliKids search by parents looking for recommended activities online with your profile.

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Trusted Listing 

Gain trust online as a recommended & accredited kids' activity or service.

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Sponsored Child

Give back to your community and get extra promotion with Sponsored Child.

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Generate visits to your website, a database of interested parents or an increase in your social media following with a competition.

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Instantly notify parents of your news, offers or achievements when they favourite your profile.

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Become a guru in your field with a guest blog, read 2,000-4,000 times over a time and with links back to your KalliKids profile.

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Get Seen

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