Get Recommended

Get Recommended

Did you know, 97% of mums check for online reviews?


Of those Mums, 67% check thoroughly for online reviews and 30% check a few.


We promote your recommendations to help Mums and Dads choose YOU

Imagine you are buying a teddy bear for your child. You see two teddies.

The first teddy has a quality stamp, recommendations and is a little higher priced. The second teddy is a bit cheaper but has no quality stamp or recommendation.

Which teddy would you choose?


We understand that most parents, most of the time, will pick the quality, recommended teddy.

That's true for all kids' activities and services too.


Get recommended and start helping parents choose YOU with


Your Tick Of Approval

Highlight your achievement with your Tick of Approval on all marketing materials.

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Annual Awards

Get nominated for a KalliKids award and become a national leader in your field.

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Online Reviews

Build your online reviews to show parents why you’re the best.

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Personal Recommendation Widget

Showcase reviews on your own website and generate new reviews via a direct link.

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Welcome Pack

Shout proudly about your approval everywhere with your stickers and certificate.

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Free-Post Cards

Use your free-post review cards to increase recommendations from your customers.

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Get Recommended

Get Recommended Get Recommended


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Get Recommended Get Recommended Get Recommended

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