Get Bookings

Get Bookings

Did you know, accreditation and value for money are the top two things parents are looking for?

Mums and Dads have told us what they are looking for and Accredited Supervision and Value for Money are key.

Location, friends' attendance, parking and other factors are important but come after.


We give you ways to show instantly that YOU are accredited

When you display your Tick of Approval and your recommendations live on your website...

Parents are much more likely to contact you than your competitor.


Secure more bookings by displaying YOUR TICK OF APPROVAL through


Trusted Accreditation

Instil trust in parents considering you with your Tick of Approval. Give Mums and Dads proof of how good you are and help them decide to call you.

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Clicks to your Website

Get Mums and Dads clicking to your website from your KalliKids approved profile to find out more. Over to you to convert those clicks to enquiries.

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Direct Parent Contact

Get Mums and Dads contacting you directly from your KalliKids profile via email and/or phone. Maximise those enquiries by getting lots of recommendations, using the other features and making your profile look great.

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Get Bookings

Get BookingsGet Bookings


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Get BookingsGet BookingsGet Bookings

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