Take on the fun family challenge to cut sugar

Take on the fun family challenge to cut sugar

Fancy teaching the kids about sugar without the tantrums? 

Fancy sharing your progress with other families?  

Fancy getting yourself a little more healthy too?


Happy sugar smart kids and parents


Join the families taking on the KalliKids Sugar Smart 12-week challenge

Simply register, and we will send you a challenge card by email each week to stick on your fridge.


You and your children

  • will learn about sugar,
  • will no doubt be amazed by products that sugar is added to (sugar in Smoked Salmon? Really?),
  • will be a little bit more knowledgable and healthier in 3 months time.


Just £12 = £1 per week

When you register, you pay £12 (including VAT) and we will send you each weekly challenge by email.

So it will cost you just £1/week to get Sugar Smart. Not much at all when you think about what you and your children will gain in knowledge and health.


What is there to lose other than a little belly!

Have some fun, share your photos, videos and blogs and learn along side the KalliKids families.


Get started


Here's why Sirley is doing the challenge

“Whilst I'm pretty health conscious it's not easy to get everyone on board and I'm hoping the 12-week challenge will help us reduce our sugar intake and make us a healthier family as a whole.”


How we are helping parents who want to help their kids

We are proud to have teamed up with Sugar Smart, the proactive sugar initiative of Jamie Oliver. Sugar Smart are working with multiple school authorities and soon to be hundreds of schools to help school meals be Sugar Smart.

That is fantastic news. If all kids are Sugar Smart at school, that is one huge tick in the box. But what about at home?

As parents, we all love our children from here to the moon and back, so let's learn from the experts and follow Sugar Smart ideas at home.

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Pay now to get started


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