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Eve is 4.5 years old  and goes to reception at Dharma School in Brighton. She is learning dance at The Art of Dance in Lewes.


Art of Dance began in 2005 with just one toddler. She is now a grade three ballerina and is preparing to dance as a naughty tooth fairy and a Bollywood dancer in our summer show. Art of Dance has grown to become a highly respected dance school for both children and adults.

With spacious and conveniently located studios, registered dance teachers with years of experience, as profession dancers and as teachers and lots of friendly students, there is much to smile about at Art of Dance.








"There was a big smile from Eve and several enthusiastic pirouettes to follow. Eve found out she has the opportunity, courtesy of Kallikids to do ballet classes for a year with The Art of Dance in Lewes. Eve squealed with excitement and joyful glee when she unpacked her new ballet kit. Even though tom-boy-like in behaviour, there is an inner desire in Eve to have the elegance and finesse of a little ballerina. She wore her pink simmering outfit with pride as she entered her class. The self control and harmony of ballet will do Eve the world of good."

Rebekah, Eve's mum



“I like the lessons. They are good. I like the things which we play sometimes and the dancing. We play creeky door and toy shop and the mermaid and we play princesses.”

Eve. September 2014




"Eve goes weekly and she has definitely achieved grace and elegance, which was needed to round off a few of her tom-boy edges. Mentally she'll learnt to work with her fellow dances in the choreographed dances that adults get to see at the end of term, so being considerate of others."

Mum Rebekah, Sept 2014



"Eve's been twirling and whirling with Michelle for around six months now. The term 'graceful ballerina' is just starting to bare some resembalance to Eve in class. She continues to thoroughly enjoy ballet and is working hard to have a balletrina back and not a bannana back. Eve's posture is improving and a touch of elegance is with her as she skips and hops around the dance floor, pointy toes and all. Michelle has a lovely nature with Eve. We've moved from a weekday to Saturday and get the priviledge of watching the class now, which is lovely."

Mum Rebekah February 2015


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