Dominic, Tennis in Epsom

Meet Dominic, learning Tennis with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Dominic

Age: 3 Years old

Skill learning: Tennis

Sponsor:  Topspin Monkey classes in Epsom

About Dominic: Dominic enjoys playing tennis and will soon be taking classes with his Grandad.



Updates on Dominic's progress in his sponsored Tennis classes

Dominic is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning tennis with Topspin Monkey classes in Epsom and you can see how much he progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (Date:10/12/15)

Dominic's been to every weekly session so far. He has enjoyed catching, throwing & hitting! His hand eye coordination has improved tremendously since starting tennis lessons. He runs around a lot in lessons, determined to do well but also burning lots of energy. The classes are also developing his resilience and confidence. He adores the teacher Andy and would move mountains for him if he could, but settles with always helping tidy up! 


He's developing his confidence. He is tired after starting reception but tennis reenergises him! Over the last period Dominic has improved at hitting the ball with a racket and following the ball with his vision. Over the next period we hope for Dominic to continue to enjoy learning Tennis!




Update from Mum (Date:13/10/15)

Dominic is always keen to help out in class whether it is collecting or putting out equipment to demonstrating in front of the class. He is improving his hand eye co-ordination every week!


Update from Mum (Date:4/6/15)

Dominic has not missed a weekly class since he started at Easter. him and his grandad enjoy the time together at Top Spin Monkeys. Dominic is Andy the teacher's number one fan and most enjoys getting stickers and high-fives at the end (including one for mummy who is at work) as well as having space to hit lots-and-lots of balls with a racket!


Dominic is keen to demonstrate and practice as much as he can in the lessons. Time together is too limited owing to me working long hours full time and doing private work at weekends in order to survive as a single parent. I am so grateful to my family, especially my dad, for all the support and time he gives to me and Dominic. Over the last few weeks he has developed his number skills as well as confidence in using his left hand (Dominic is left handed but he thought left was wrong and right was right/ correct!) Tennis has meant the left hand dominates and we do not have that debate when we are trying to practice holding a pen.


I hope Dominic is going to find the transition from nursery to school easier because he has been attending top spin monkeys and learning to listen, follow instructions and practice skills.




Update from Mum (Date:14/4/15)

 Dominic was really excited to hear that he would be having more lessons with Andy. He wants to have a 'costume' like the other children (I assume by this he means kit!) and is looking forward to the classes which Grandad will take him to. It is lovely for them to have an activity to do together as grandad is the childcare provision at the moment as I work full time. I think by Thursday afternoon they both need some energy & enthusiasm from an external provider!

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