Chloe, dance in Bournemouth

Meet Chloe, learning Dance with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Chloe

Age: 5 years old

Skill learning: Dance

Sponsor: Prompt Corner Academy of Dance in Bournemouth

About Chloe: Chloe is very excited to be starting her Dance classes. She is looking forward to learning new steps and making new friends.



Updates on Chloe's progress in her sponsored Dance classes

Chloe is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Dance with Prompt Corner Acadey of Dance in Bournemouth and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (5/1/16)

Over the last month Chloe has been attending her classes twice a week. Chloe enjoyed the run up to Christmas, dancing to a variety of music including some Disney favourites! She attended the Christmas party where members of the dance school of all ages came together with a disco, face painting, manicures and hair styling among other things! This is where the attached photos were taken.


Chloe loves seeing her friend's each lesson and has very much been embracing the social side of the school. Chloe likes to get everything right first time so it is always the realisation that it takes a lot of practice to get the steps and movements correct is probably her biggest challenge yet!


Lessons have been covering rhythms, steps and dance routines required for the exams they can take later this year if they wish. Chloe wants to master all her moves and be able to choreograph her own routines!




Update from Mum (4/11/15)

Since my last update Chloe has been fortunate enough to be able to have the experience of dancing at the local theatre in a show based on the theme of “When I Grow Up.” Chloe enjoyed being able to see older members of the dance school perform and loved being a part of the very professional shows. The rehearsals and day of the performance were long but thoroughly enjoyed and Chloe was so proud to receive a medal for participating. It was a joy to see her happy and confident and I loved seeing her on stage with the others – the whole production was amazing and we have since been able to enjoy watching it back on DVD too many times!


Chloe has been attending classes twice a week since the Summer break and has enjoyed being back with her friends, especially since getting to know them better around the show time. She has been learning new routines and practicing how to do the steps correctly, already looking towards potentially taking dancing exams in March or April I think. She is excited that “someone special is going to watch us dance” and it has given her a new focus. It is lovely that they are unaware that they will be being examined and it is a lovely low pressure environment but they still have a buzz about performing next term to someone new.


Chloe has been gaining in confidence all the time, and it has been lovely watching her friendships blossom. The show was a challenge as she was worried about performing in front of so many people but everyone supported each other and all the participants seemed to have a brilliant time and should be very proud of their achievements.


Chloe is really trying to perfect some of her steps, she is proud of the ones she knows but really wants to get to grips with those she finds more tricky, particularly with her tap dancing which is really quick but she wants to be accurate too! She is finding trying to do the splits hard but with practice is starting to become more flexible and I’m sure if she keeps it up she will one day manage to do them!


It is lovely there is a Christmas party for the children at the end of this half term and Chloe is looking forward to having fun with her dancing friends in December after working hard to improve this term.


Update from Mum (28/5/15)

Prompt Corner Academy of Dance are busy preparing for an upcoming show in July at the Pavilion in Bournemouth and Chloe has been very much enjoying learning the routines for this. The theme is "When I Grow Up" and in her classes she is dancing to music relating to becoming a lifeguard, country and western style marriage and being a beautiful ballerina too! We have even got the music so that she is able to practice her steps at home - and enjoy it in the car too! Chloe has been very proud of her uniform and is happy to fit in and belong to the school.


She has gained in confidence interacting with the other children in the class which is brilliant as she has had some friendship issues at school which knocked her back a bit, and it is lovely to see how comfortable she is to go into class and leave me outside! I think the main challenge has probably been adjusting to taking classes after school as Chloe only started school in September 2014 so is still relatively new to it all and can tire quickly, but dancing seems to give her a new lease of life and has made her more energetic as she has got used to it.


Chloe would probably say remembering all the steps in the right order is trickiest but hopefully practice will make perfect by the time the show comes along in July! Chloe has been taking classes in Modern, Tap and Ballet. She has been learning new routines for the show and also has been learning the correct terminology for the steps involved. I hope Chloe will give her all for the show in July and the rehearsals prior to this too. For her personally, I hope her confidence continues to grow and she realises that with a bit of practice she can do it - but that it is ok to make mistakes and learn from them too! I also hope she builds some friendships within the classes and continues to enjoy attending each week.


Update from Mum (22/4/15)

Chloe is really excited to be starting dancing after Easter. She is practicing her moves all the time following her trial classes and is looking forward to making new friends and learning new steps. It is amazing she has already been offered the opportunity to dance with the Prompt Corner school in a show at the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth in July. I am looking forward to seeing Chloe gain in confidence, master new routines and above all enjoy having the chance to dance again. I am so very grateful for the sponsorship and hope Kallikids and Prompt Corner will be proud of Chloe as she progresses over her sponsorship year.

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