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I am Carly, one of the KalliKids Champions in the Berkshire area.  I currently live in Wokingham with my husband and two children (5 and 4 years old) and we have only recently relocated back to the UK.  I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but have lived between the UK and Zimbabwe for quite a long time.  I have done a variety of things throughout my career, which was mainly in recruitment, however I have also run my own business and been actively involved in online marketing and social media.

When I discovered KalliKids i thought the concept was great, offering an accreditation service and the opportunity to be recommended by parents in the local area, so I am happy to be involved in promoting this concept to parents and providers in the Berkshire area and I hope they can all see the benefits of KalliKids. 

I look forward to meeting with you at the local events and would welcome the opportunity of having a chat with you about KalliKids.



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