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We are the UK's leading online community for trusted kids' activities 

We want to give parents access to tried, tested and KalliKids approved activities and in turn give our approved providers visibility to our growing parent member base.


Promote your business through KalliKids

We offer a broad range of opportunities for brands to engage with parents; ranging from competitions to campaign sponsorship. Visibility through the KalliKids website allows your brand to be placed in front of our active parent community. 


Here is what Jenny Hardman of Immortal Imprints says on the positive impact of a KalliKids competition (October 2016)

"The visibility of my business has increased dramatically! From re tweets, shares and new followers. I am only as I write this, 7 days into my 30 day competition and so far I have gained 75 Facebook likes, over 100 twitter followers and over 200 retweets!! This is amazing. True followers and retweets are normally the odd one every few days but this has really helped me to increase my post reach too. More people are now seeing my posts than before. I will definitely be participating in a Kallikids competition again in the future."


We offer integrated and flexible packages to meet your brand objectives: 


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 To get the KalliKids media pack, simply email us at: 

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