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Ava will be 3 at the end of March and currently attends Treetops Nursery in Epsom 3 days a week. She was selected in #SponsorMyChild to learn tennis for free with TopSpin Monkies for one year thanks to KalliKids.


Topspin Monkeys aims to create a fun and positive learning experience so children develop emotionally, physically and socially for everyday life. In addition, children learn to listen to instructions whilst having fun and learning.
Using specially adapted tennis equipment, sessions include a series of activities and games which focus on the three areas of skill development in order to play tennis.




 Update from parents

"Ava amused us by asking for her own racquet on the way home from the trial lesson, especially as that was the part of the lesson where she became the most shy!"


After failing last week to bring Ava's racquet to show Andy much to Ava's disappointment (and boy did she let us know) this week we managed to earn parenting brownie points and brought it along. It's a little big for her now but she will grow into it.



"This week Andy asked for a volunteer to help demonstrate an activity and our chronically shy little girl put her hand up. We were amazed, but more so when she actually did the demonstration. Very out of character and obviously one of the great reasons to join something like Topspin Monkey's as it truly does build confidence.


Ava did find it a little difficult returning the ball immediately today as she was trying to stop it first like last week's activity.
Another great session."


"After a week off we asked Ava if she wanted to come to tennis this week "YAY" she shouted and reliably informed us that Andy is her friend. No request for a jarmy day today. Of course after missing a week she was back to her normal shy self hugging my leg.


After a quick run around to warm up with mum Ava got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed catching juggle squares with daddy. Catching the jellyfish was more of a challenge but she managed it with a big grin by the end of the game.
Lots more children here today, so more distractions for a nosy girl but as always time really flies and all too soon it is time to go.
Ava's favourite bit this week was knocking things down on the other side of the net and choosing the monkey sticker at the end."

Dawn, Ava's Mum



Ava missed last week's session due to a dislocated elbow.


This week she raced to get her clothes ready and was eager to go despite fighting an ear infection (too many germs at nursery).


Today's warm up started with a running and jumping game which she was really pleased to do, particularly jumping forwards and backwards. This was followed by a target practice game she did with daddy, where her aim was good but she wasn't quite getting the distance, but she may have been a bit reticent using that arm after injuring it last week. This was followed by catching and identification of body parts which was fun to watch, especially the catching after bending to touch their toes!


Today's racquet skill involved moving forwards to get the ball which she looked like she had been doing for years, didn't phase her at all. It was a really good session all round and she beamed throughout it.


Dawn, Ava’s mum, Dec 2014

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