Amber, dance in Poole

Meet Amber, learning Dance with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Amber

Age: 9 years old

Skill learning: Dance

Sponsor: Prompt Corner Academy of Dance in Bournemouth

About Amber: Amber has always been keen on dance and is very excited about starting her classes.  



Updates on Amber's progress in her sponsored Dance classes

Amber is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Dance with Prompt Corner Acadey of Dance in Bournemouth and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (11/1/16)

Amber continues to attend once a week, she has been showing us how well she has improved. Amber has some new friends, one of them goes to her school. Her biggest challenge has been getting an earlier class on a Saturday morning!


Amber was incredibly brave and took part in her own chirographic competition. She designed her own routine and danced in front of an audience! Over the upcoming period she's hoping tocontinue to learn basic ballet steps.




Update from Mum (12/10/15)

Amber had really missed classes over the summer break, so she was supposed excited to start back again.Amber is in a different class and had been learning the basics again. It's really helped doing their moves before going onto something a bit more advanced. Over the last periodAmber has learned how to peform her dance routine. Over the next period she's hoping to imporve her concentration.


Update from Mum (14/9/15)

Amber has started again for the new term in September once a week. She had the amazing opportunity to take part in a show on stage at Bournemouth pavilion! Amber was in her absolute element and could not stop smiling being on stage in front of a full house! I'd really like Amber to do more classes but I can't take her due to my own work commitments. Amber has joined a group with a more basic ballet/ dance to really get to grips with grade 2. 



Update from Mum (3/9/15)

Amber has been to her classes once a week and a few extra rehearsals due to being part of the show. Her confidence has improved and has come home full of excitement! She took part in a show at the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth.


We went with family members and we all enjoyed the show. Amber really enjoyed it and could not stop smiling when she was on stage. It's been amazing to watch Amber on the stage and considering she has only been for a few months I was so proud she remembered her routine. There has been some extra rehearsals to take Amber too in preparation for the show which sometimes has been difficult to work out when we are both working parents. However Amber did manage to get to all of them!


Over the last period she has been taking part in shows on stage and learning from her peers and older children at her ballet classes. Amber is looking forward to starting again this Saturday and shows determination in her learning.


Update from Mum (20/6/15)



Update from Mum (31/5/15)

Amber has been attending her dance classes every Saturday. She has enjoyed making some new friends and showing us what she has done in the class at home. Amber is beginning to understand the importance of practising for an upcoming show! Over the last month she's learnt new dance routine, she's had to concentrate on doing it. She's hoping to take part in a show at a theatre over the next few months!


Update from Mum (22/4/15)

I am so pleased for Amber to have been given this opportunity. Amber has a twin sister who is not so keen on dance or ballet. Amber however has always enjoyed ballet. We are both so keen for Amber to learn and be taught lessons and to improve her dance.




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