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my name is Sarah and I am Mum to one boisterous, thrill seeking, kind hearted 11 year old (going on 36!) called Daisy.

I've had a varied career, everything from a psychiatric nurse, through to running my own wedding decoration business which I successfully sold last year. I definitely enjoyed the wedding business and discovered I have a natural flair for putting people in touch with each other. With this in mind, I felt KalliKids would allow me to keep doing what I enjoy doing the most, talking!  Having just moved to Somerset too, for a more relaxed and child friendly way of life, it would be great to get to know just what our local area can offer.

Since the move, I have begun working part-time in a school in Glastonbury, which I really enjoy and it certainly has given me a few ideas of where I might start looking for services and providers.

I'm really looking forward to helping local Mums (and myself!) find accredited services in the area.  So if you are a provider, I would love to discuss the possibilities we can offer with regards projecting your business into the wider community.  If you are a parent, it would be great to chat about your requirements and to hear your own recommendations, if you have any.

Feel free to contact me about how I can help you.


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