5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of The Sponsored Child campaign


Making the most out of your involvement in the KalliKids Sponsored Child campaign has never been easier.


With 2 previous campaigns to learn from, we’ve identified our 5 Top Tips to make the most out of your charitable contribution.


1. Display your Sponsored Child Badge proudly

The Sponsored Child badge highlights your commitment to giving back to your community and improving the lives of children who would otherwise be unable to participate.


Parents recognize your badge as a symbol of your charitable donation and with over 90,000 parents engaged with KalliKids each month, your donation is getting seen by more parents than ever.


2. Promote your involvement on social media

The Sponsored Child campaign is promoted extensively on KalliKids active on over 55 social media pages spanning 6 networks, there’s more ways than ever to promote your involvement to parents in your community.


Use the hashtag #SponsoredChild2016 to post your messages into the Sponsored Child community feed, and mention @KalliKids to get your messages seen by our team who can retweet and share your post’s.


3. Send in regular updates

By sending in regular updates our team can make sure your hard work and effort is getting the maximum exposure possible. Our team engages with local, social and national media to get your news and achievements promoted, using your updates as the content to drive engagement.


4. Attend the end of year event

An end of year event is held to promote the hard work and achievements from both the Sponsored Children and the accredited providers. The event is a great way for you to highlight your charitable contribution, get seen as company committed to giving back to families, and a great way to meet other likeminded professionals in the children’s activity and service industry.


5. Join us on LinkedIn

With regular content and campaign updates posted on the KalliKids LinkedIn page, you won’t need to search to find all of the information you need to keep up to date on campaign information. Follow us now to make sure you don’t miss out.


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