20 Sample Market Research Questions


In order to grow a successful business you need informed insights into the customers you want to attract. And in order to get them you’ll need to conduct market research.

  1. Who are your existing customers?
  2. Who isn’t using you yet?
  3. Who are they using instead?
  4. Why are they not using you?
  5. Who might use you in future?
  6. How many people like this are there?
  7. Where else are they looking for businesses like yours?
  8. What do your customers think of your products or service?
  9. What are you doing well?
  10. What do they think of your brand?
  11. How could it be improved?
  12. Who are your competitors?
  13. What do your customers think of them?
  14. What do your customers think they do well?
  15. And what do your customers think they need to improve?
  16. What do your customers think about the different aspects of your business – name, services, prices etc?
  17. What don’t you currently offer that customers would want?
  18. How would this help them?
  19. How much would they pay for it?
  20. How easily will it be to implement this?



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