The trusted connection for parents

The trusted connection for parents

KalliKids accredits the best kids activities and services


KalliKids is the trusted connection for parents to the best kids' activities across the UK.


Together with Mums and Dads, we take pride in growing our children into fulfilled adults.


We understand that as a loving, nurturing parent, you want the best-suited activities and services for your children.


We won't tell you THIS swim class is the best in your town: because it might be the best-suited to my competitive 10 year but not best-suited to your shy 5 year old.


What we DO tell you is this is what other Mums and Dads say and this is what we have checked out.


This means you have information you can trust and can make the right decision for your child.



Karen, KalliKids Founder says


"At the end of the day, all Mums and Dads want their children to be happy as children and rounded, happy, fulfilled adults when they grow up."


"Picking the best clubs, classes, places to go, tutors and family services helps us nurturing parents achieve those goals for our children. We avoid the traumas of bad coaches, disappointed birthday kids when a party entertainer cancels and bad memories for our grown up children."


"At KalliKids, we seek out the best and give you information you can trust."

What does this mean in practice?


We are the UK’s Number 1 Accreditation for children’s activities and services.


We are a little like a directory, but we do far more:


1     You Test: Mums and Dads rate and recommend the activities and services.


2     We Check: we ask approved activities and services to prove the qualifications they claim.


3     Kids Love: you can pick the best and your children will be happy and grow up to be fulfilled adults.



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