10 Aug 2017

You can download your pack here



When we realise that the power lies inside of us and not on all the external things that we fill our lives up with a never-ending quest for happiness - cars, holidays, clothes, shoes, handbags, toys, video games, social media, TV, food etc (you get the picture). 

This Smiley Family Pack is for you and your family if ...

  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You have meltdowns and don't know how to deal with them
  • You lack self belief and positivity
  • You don't know your own super powers (yes we all have them)
  • You are a big thinker and prone to worrying
  • You find it hard to relax and be still

This is not for you and your family if ....

  • You came to my online Summer Club and already have those materials 
  • You are all confident, happy and have great emotional resilience (how we bounce back from stuff is how we navigate through life)

How the Inner SMILE was created

Last Summer, I hung out in the park with loads of beautiful souls teaching them how to flex their inner SMILE. You can read about our exciting discoveries here. This Summer I bought that magic from the park online and savoured every awesome moment, so that I could share it with you. 

"I learnt that I am confident……..It was useful creative fun and friendly…….I am glad I came…..The thing I enjoyed least about today was the ending…..I learnt to love what I have and not to ask for more things……It was awesome…….I didn't want to do it because my Mum told me to but I’m glad I did, it was easy and fun……."                                                                                                                                                      From Various Smiley Surrey Children

I have 10 quick and easy coaching techniques (cleverly disguised as fun and smileyness) which will help you all feel gorgeous from the inside out. This stuff is written for the kids but I'm going to be honest and tell you that parents love it too. Or maybe you have an inner child - we all do - that is taking life a little seriously and needs to bring more play into their life. 

It's the gift that keeps on giving!

These Smiley techniques will stay with you forever and as you continue to use them as often as possible, they become part of your family life. You will really notice the difference. Parents often write to me months and sometimes years after coaching to tell me they are still doing Smiley stuff or their artwork still hangs on the bedroom wall or about the wonderful progress their child has made. 

This is what your Inner SMILE looks like and it doesn't have to be Summer to get it activated. You can learn the tools and know that it is with you wherever you are. 

In this Smiley Family Pack, you and I will do a little Smiley coaching together to create and nurture your family's inner SMILE. You will get:-

  • 10 bite-sized videos (the longest is 20 minutes), one for each module (see module content below)
  • fun creative activities and games when we commit pen to paper, the magic really starts to happen
  • a calm colouring booklet for some quiet and quality family time 
  • a bedtime meditatioto make sure you know how to go to sleep with a happy mind
  • a Smiley planner so you can make this part of your everyday life
  • special bonus recording which reveals the special SMILE for Mums and how this can help them cope with the most important job they signed up for (no pressure then!)

You have life time access to all the materials which are detailed here:-

Lesson 1 Welcome What is your Inner SMILE?
Lesson 2 Turn Your Thoughts Upside Down (the art of positive thinking)
Lesson 3 Switch on your Belly Buddha
Lesson 4 Drift off to sleep peacefully with my heartful meditation 
Lesson 5 Lesson 5 Fill up your senses
Lesson 6 Step into your happy safe place 
Lesson 7 What are you holding on to?
Lesson 8 Soothe your big scary feelings 
Lesson 9 The Gratitude Glasses to help you make time to focus on the good stuff
Lesson 10 Put it all together and make your own inner SMILE

Bonus Feature: Live Q&A with Parents and a special SMILE for Mums

How does it work?

  • Buy the course online, and start straight away. It's easy. 
  • Carve out family time as a family to do this together - make it a priority
  • Download the worksheets, watch the videos and style it out according to your family's needs 
  • Get started. Get involved. Have fun. Get Smiley!

What do I need?

  1. Quiet space and a date in the diary - make a commitment to really do this 
  2. An open mind and willingness to try something new
  3. Paper, pens and craft stuff
  4. Tablet or electronic device to watch the videos (some of the downloads are better with your ear buds / ear phones)


You can download your pack here


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