Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

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Interesting facts about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

  • The bass was invented in the early 1930s by inventor Paul Tutmarc in Seattle, USA.
  • However it was not until 1951 when Leo Fender created the Fender Precision Bass that it became a popular instrument.
  • The bass works with the drums to produce the rhythm section.
  • The bass plays notes one octave lower than other electric guitars.
  • Some basses don’t have frets. These guitars have a more distinctive sound but they can be more difficult to play in tune.
  • The notes on a bass guitar are E, A, D and G.
  • When the steel strings of a bass guitar vibrate, magnets pick up the vibrations and then turn it into sound… the music you hear from the amp.
  • A normal bass has 4 strings though some have been created with up to 15!

How to pick a bass guitar teacher for your child about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

What should you be thinking about to help you choose the right bass guitar teacher for your child?

  • Does your child want to play the guitar ‘just for fun’ or would they like to take exams? Can the teacher accommodate either of these?
  • Do you have to buy a guitar for your child straight away or are instruments available to borrow short term until you and your child are sure they want to continue with lessons?
  • Do you need to buy music books or are these included in the price of the lessons? Do these need to be purchased in advance?
  • Do you have to commit to booking a term of lessons or can you pay half-termly?

National associations & clubs about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

Trinity College London offers bass guitar exams. Whether you’re self-taught or taking lessons, the exams are about performance and creativity, giving you the skills you’ll need as a rock and pop musician. The bass song list includes music by Radiohead, Ramones, INXS and Muse.

Qualifications & exams about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

Qualifications/grades - children

Bass guitar grades range from initial for beginners, up to grade 8.

Taking exams does not necessarily mean your child has to be able to read sheet music. This can be done separately in music lessons or can be avoided altogether if that is the route your child chooses.

Qualifications of teachers

There is no minimum qualification required to teach music at home. However, passing grade 8 practical and at least grade 5 theory will indicate an acceptable level of competence regarding playing ability and musical knowledge. A Music Degree would be advantageous.

Learning from the activity about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

  • Rhythm
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Motivation
  • Patience
  • Coordination

Playing bass may teach your child rhythm, develop their creativity, help them appreciate how reading music works, how to harmonise and how to play along with other instruments while providing them with a general appreciation for music.

Famous people about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

Paul McCartney MBE (born June 18, 1942) played bass for The Beatles only after the previous bassist left. He started playing the piano informally as a child, and took up the trumpet as a teenager. He traded his trumpet in for an acoustic guitar at the age of 14 and is now recognised as the one of the most successful composers of all time.

Michael Balzary, better known as Flea (born October 16, 1962) is the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea was invited to join the band when he demonstrated that he could play his instrument faster than Chad Smith, the band’s drummer, could play his. He also started his music career with the trumpet, influenced by jazz musicians. He is now regarded as one of the best bassists of all times and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Terry Gene Bollea, otherwise known as Hulk Hogan (born August 11, 1953) spent 10 years playing bass for various rock and roll bands in and around LA before becoming the wrestling icon that he is today. He is also friends with Metallica’s drummer and was once offered the bassist spot in the metal band. Hogan enjoys returning to his days as a musician in his spare time and has played with a whole variety of rockers.

YouTube about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

A very helpful clip of Flea (bassist for the Red hot Chili Peppers) explaining what you need to know about the bass guitar.

Interesting articles about Kids Bass Guitar Lessons: Facts & Ideas

Choosing a guitar for your child.

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