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  1. Babies have a real affinity with water, and because they’ve spent 9 months floating in the womb, being in warm water feels much more familiar to them than being on dry land. However, this early confidence usually diminishes with time, and can even turn to fear. That’s one of the main reasons why we believe in starting them young. But we never swim a baby against their wishes, and we always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby.

    As well as being really good fun and energetic, structured lessons are a wonderfully sociable activity, and classmates often become friends and a real source of support.

    The Water Babies course teaches using voice commands and learning to respond to these is excellent for your baby’s mental development. Despite looking gentle, the lessons provide your baby with a complete physical workout. Studies have shown that participating babies have improved sleeping and eating patterns – a definite bonus!

    Start as soon as you like …
    You can begin your Water Babies journey at the start of any term — and the earlier, the better! Our youngest-ever Water Baby was just 2 days old (aaah!). In their first year, a baby’s brain grows more rapidly than at any other time, so it makes sense to start early and maximise their exposure to learning experiences in a variety of environments. And what’s more, NHS guidelines say babies don’t need to have had their vaccinations before they can swim.

    …and just carry on
    Our Water Babies progress seamlessly through our programme, having great fun while all the time building their confidence and independence in the water. Most of our toddlers can swim short distances by around the age of 2, and have mastered vital skills including how to turn around and hold on and, where possible, how to clamber out. All of this is a great source of pride for you and them (and us!), and offers fantastic safety skills should they ever fall into water. However, children lack the strength and co-ordination to swim properly until they’re 3 or 4: their little bodies just aren’t proportioned for swimming on the surface — so they won’t be learning front crawl just yet.

    ‘Finally, we’re the only swimming company to have won six national awards in the last five years. Reflecting the fact that we’re really good at what we do.’


    Areas covered

    Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstone, Gravesend, Sevenoaks, Medway, Hythe, Whitstable, Sheppey, Sittingbourne, New Ash Green, Dartford,Bearsted,Minster


    • Hythe Princes Parade Hythe CT21 6AE
      • Free Parking
    • Whitstable Treetops Wraik Hill Whitstable CT5 3BY
      • Free Parking
    • Maidstone Ashford Road Bearsted Maidstone ME14 4NQ
      • Free Parking
    • Sittingbourne Central Avenue Sittingbourne ME10 4NT
    • Gravesend Cedar Avenue Gravesend DA12 5JT
      • Free Parking
    • New Ash Green Ash Road New Ash Green DA3 8JZ
      • Free Parking
    • Dartford Masthead Close Crossways Business Park Dartford DA2 6QF
      • Free Parking
    • Canterbury St Nicholas School Holme Oak Close Nunnery Fields Canterbury CT1 3JJ
      • Free Parking
    • Maidstone Hilton Hotel Bearsted Road Weavering Maidstone ME14 5AA
      • Free Parking
    • Ashford The Wyvern School Great Chart By-pass Ashford TN23 4ER
      • Free Parking
    • Ashford Simone Weil Avenue Ashford TN24 8UX
      • Free Parking
    • Maidstone Mote Park Leisure Centre Mote Road Maidstone ME15 7RN
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    Baby, toddler and pre-school Swimming, Swimming lessons

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  2. Water Babies - North Kent has 3 reviews with an average of 4.8
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.3
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Rachel, Mum to Emily (1). Maidstone

      Waterbabies swim instructor Simon is brilliant! He has a really good manner with the children. My daughter, Emily has been going to Waterbabies since she was three months old and the activities she does with them have really helped her develop. Waterbabies also teach important life skills in a very subtle way which is brilliant. Emily likes interacting with the other babies and she has developed lovely water confidence which is great in other situations such as bath time and going in the water on holiday. Waterbabies might be slightly expensive but it is well worth the money!

      Rachel 09 Dec 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Victoria, Mum to Aurora (3) and Orion (1). Canterbury.

      I have taken both of my children to Waterbabies since they were seven weeks old. The most important thing Waterbabies have given my children is confidence in the water. They are like little fish! My eldest has already got her 5 metre badge. She loves swimming so much! Really enjoying being in the water. When we go to a pool to swim as a family other people really notice my children's confidence in the water. Waterbabies sessions from babies are always fun and include lots of songs and games with teachers who inspire confidence. Waterbabies is worth every penny!

      Victoria 03 Dec 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Katie, Mum to Jacob (5), Elliot (2) and Imogen (10 months). Estry.

      All three of my children have done Waterbabies. It's our favourite group to go to. As time has gone on with my children I really like the one to one, full attention half hour it gives us together.. It's a really lovely way to spend time with your children. My eldest two children have complete confidence in the water and that's down to Waterbabies. The children play games with lots of repetition and anticipation involved. They are very happy and confident in the Waterbabies environment. All the teachers are brilliant and know all the children very well and their idiosyncrasies. We're big fans of Waterbabies!

      Katie 03 Dec 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    Water Babies - North Kent has 3 reviews with an average of 4.8
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  3. Simon Dallender

    Classes across north Kent are run by husband-and-wife team Simon & Fiona Dallender.  Few people, on meeting Fiona, would guess that she used to be a zoo-keeper; that she used to liaise with the gruffest of trades-union reps in her HR role for a manufacturing company; or that she sat in a bath of freezing-cold water while giving birth so she wouldn’t need to take painkillers! Simon was an RAF volunteer when they met, and they spent years living on air-force bases in Norfolk and Lincolnshire before joining Water Babies.

    Baby Millie was born in 2005 and is one of the most experienced Water Babies, having attended classes in both counties. Her parents were so impressed by both sets of classes (and the sense of continuity between the two) that, when the offer of voluntary redundancy came up for Simon, they grabbed it with both hands.

    So they de-mobbed, relocated– and little Millie has now been joined by younger sister, Lottie and the latest addition to the family, brother Theo.

    The wonderfully enthusiastic Lisa is the friendly voice in the office, while a team of highly qualified teachers completes the Water Babies crew.


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