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The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre

  1. Here at the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre we feel it is very important to spend time with the horse before riding, and encourage everyone to arrive with enough time to help groom and tack up their horse or pony (assistance provided) as this helps to develop a better bond between horse and rider.  If you are new to us or riding we recommend using the 2 hours so as our staff can acquaint you with the horse and familiarise yourself with grooming and tacking-up.

    Childrens Lessons

    We believe horses and children are fantastic partners. Horses are social herd animals and inclined to act appropriately with whoever is with them. Children have a beautiful sense of wonder and innocence about them. Put them together and they draw out one another’s innate ability to nurture and care for the other. We at HHPC feel it a duty to provide the environment where children can experience the magic of these animals, and our horses are able to act as guides and mentors to the children.

    This is why weekends are dedicated to time for the children to spend with the ponies. Our staff are there to teach the kids about the basic needs and requirements of looking after a horse and encourage a caring and compassionate approach to the pony as an individual.

    Holidays and Half Terms

    Opportunity for your child to experience both the joy and hard work of owning a pony, for one day. They become responsible (under directed supervision) to take care of the ponies needs and health. Includes a lesson in the morning and hack in the afternoon

    A person’s relationship with their horse, or a horse they share, ride or just love, can reflect many things about the person’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Horses are very sensitive and intuitive creatures, they easily pick up on what a human is thinking or feeling and they often reflect and magnify their humans tensions and concerns. We use this amazing ability of the horse to take in the whole picture, we look at what is going on in your riding and what that could be reflecting about other areas of your life or conversely how other areas of your life could be affecting your riding! The tools for change are then offered at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

    As well as Holistic Riding sessions with Wendy Price we offer riding lessons, accompanied hacks and lessons in natural horsemanship

    • Stuck for ideas for Easter - take a look at what's going on at the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre - lots to choose from. Also we're launching a new 6 week programme "Trot to Trim" - take a look at the details under the Documents Section.

      24 March 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    We are based in Ockham


    • Ockham The Holistic Horse & Pony Centre Rydings Farm Long Reach Ockham GU23 6PF


    Horse/pony riding classes

    Pricing & Other Information

    Childrens Weekend Riding Club (3 hours including lesson or hack) 9.30am -12.30pm or 1-4pm £38
    Private 1/2 hour lesson with grooming time (1 hour total) £40

    School Holidays or Inset days only
    Pony Day £60
    Pony Day booking of 2 or more days or 2 or more siblings £55 10am-4pm
    Half Pony Day (3 hours) 10am-1pm £38

    Please see our website for full details of lessons and prices.

  2. The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre has 5 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 4.8
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Elaine, Tandridge

      The Holistic Horse provides a fantastic environment, and Wendy does such amazing work. I've seen people have incredible breakthroughs, personal development, and gain so much confidence. Wendy is incredibly welcoming, has a wealth of experience, and her great love is building
      confidence in children and adults. What's wonderful is how the horses and ponies have very natural lives, living as a herd at liberty, and treated with the utmost respect and care. This allows children to learn to respect the animals, gain independence, and have the freedom to build relationships with the ponies whilst being outside. It really is a phenomenal experience.

      Elaine 26 Feb 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Hayley, mum of Bo aged 11, and Bree aged 7, Surrey

      My daughters have been going for horse-riding lessons at The Holistic Horse for 2 years, and I also have lessons there myself.
      Searching on-line for local stables, this place spring out at me, and we went for taster sessions. We fell in love with the place, and the girls adored the experience. It ticks all the boxes!
      They go to the stables for 3 hours, and do tacking up, mucking out, grooming, and they have a lesson. They just really enjoy themselves, and enjoy the freedom. They can be away from me for a few hours, and be themselves with the horses.
      They love the horses, and their confidence has been built. I like the fact that they have a good physical workout, and they come back having had a good day.
      I have nothing negative to say about The Holistic Horse. I love the ethos, and from the day I walked in it felt totally right. Wendy who runs it is in tune with the horses, intuitive, and nurturing, and my daughters gain a lot from going there.

      Hayley 20 Feb 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Alexia, London

      Wendy has created a platform for people to go on their own journey, and allows you to grow in your own way. It's very different to most riding schools because of the freedom you have, as Wendy encourages you to bond and be involved with the horses not only from a riding perspective, but in their preparation and care, as well as exposure to a range of alternative therapies such as crystal healing, reiki and equine shiatsu. The whole environment is very welcoming, relaxing, therapeutic, and confidence building, and can really help people work through their fears. The horses have a very natural life, and the whole approach is holistic and rather wonderful.

      Alexia 05 Feb 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Victoria in Guildford

      The holistic horse and pony centre is great! All the horses have a personality and their own traits which make them more loveable! All the staff are amazing and help you greatly if your nervous of just need a chat. Wendy is amazing and understanding, she gives people the opportunity to volunteer and help out so you can know how to look after a horse and understand them.

      Victoria 22 Apr 2015

    • Cathy in Pyrford

      My daughter has recently joined the riding club and absolutely loves it. Wendy and her team are fantastic. Their love and respect for the horses and ponies is very clear to see. They are also very patient and caring with the children giving them lots of opportunites to build their confidence.

      Cathy 18 Apr 2015

    The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre has 5 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Latest from The Holistic Horse and Pony Centre

    • Stuck for ideas for Easter - take a look at what's going on at the Holistic Horse and Pony Centre - lots to choose from. Also we're launching a new 6 week programme "Trot to Trim" - take a look at the details under the Documents Section.

      24 March 2015

  4. Wendy Price

    With over 30 years experience, Wendy is a pioneer in the practice and teaching of the holistic approach to horse riding and in 1990’s became one of the first teachers promoting this powerful tool in the UK. Her own experiences of the change it brought about in her life and riding created a life-long commitment to sharing these methods with others.

    Wendy bought her first pony when she was 12 years old and had him until very recently when he passed on. After leaving school Wendy worked in a variety of environments, then in 1984 she began work in a horse ‘livery’ yard. The demand for her to teach riding created the need for her to set up a ‘traditional’ riding school. The school was a great success and in 1990 Wendy passed her professional riding and BHS Intermediate Teaching exams.

    Wendy’s personal life, however, was far from perfect. She found herself drawn into dysfunctional relationships, her self-esteem was low, she suffered a lack of confidence and feared many things – including the jumping she would need to do in order to pass her riding exam. In her quest to resolve the personal issues that were holding her back, Wendy learned about Metaphysics. She made the link between using a metaphysical approach for dealing with one life situation to dealing with the fear of clearing a show-jump. The results were a great success. This led her on to further valuable research in which she used the same techniques with her existing riding clients – again, with remarkable results.The outcome of this gave her an even greater understanding of the partnerships between horse and rider and the parallels that gives them in their personal relationships and lives.

    Wendy’s commitment to the process led her to complete a Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher course and she is currently the only riding instructor in the UK to have a Teaching Diploma in Practical Metaphysics. Her approach to ‘Holistic Riding’ has also been covered in many magazines, national press and radio stations including Radio 4′s ‘All in the Mind’. Through developing her unique approach Wendy has put into practise her philosophies to move through many life challenges. Just some of these include overcoming ME, stress, many addictions, self sabotage, low self esteem, blocked emotions, eating disorders, financial insecurities, loss of confidence and relationship problems.

    Whilst going through these experiences she has noticed the various effects they have had on her riding and horses.

    Wendy’s unusual blend of qualifications, personal experiences, compassion and humour allow her to teach, guide and inspire others to be more confident in their riding, enjoy their relationship with their horses and live the lives they really want.

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