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Suzanne Fisher - Tutor in Henfield

  1. I have been teaching in primary schools for over 20 years in West Sussex and am able to offer tuition to children aged 5 - 11 years in English and Maths. I have a friendly approach and my aim is to increase your child's confidence to tackle areas that they are finding difficult. I believe in providing children with a relaxed learning environment that offers them a mix of specific learning activities to tackle problems and games and fun activities to improve their confidence and competence. I am also able to teach adults and can support you in your understanding of Literacy and Numeracy in schools and help you to improve your own levels of competency. I specialise in introducing the methods that children use in school to adults to help you with understanding your children's homework. In addition I can offer patchwork and quilting classes to both adults and children.

    I offer holiday tuition to support children with their learning and to help brush up skills before they enter a new year group. This is particularly helpful to children moving from KS1 to KS2.

    To enable a  child to get the best from a session I prefer to work in a one to one situation but am willing to discuss other options. My sessions last an hour and I am open to discussion about the number of sessions you require.

    I do not offer SAT boosting or other scholarship test tutoring but am happy to work with Year 6 children to help them overcome areas of weakness in their understanding of maths and English.

    I teach patchwork and quilting in the local area and am happy to offer this to individuals or small groups.


    Areas covered

    I can teach at home in Henfield or can come to your home to teach you.

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    Art and crafts, Art workshops, English tutors, KS2 English, KS2 Maths, Maths tutors, Primary tutors, Sewing classes

    Pricing & Other Information

    If you come to my home in Henfield for maths or English tuition the hourly rate is £25. If I travel to you the cost is £25 plus an amount for travel.

    Patchwork classes are priced according to the activity, venue and number of people attending.

    I am available during school holidays and evenings during term time.

  2. Suzanne Fisher - Tutor has 4 reviews with an average of 4.8
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.8
    • What the Kids Think 4.5
    • What the Adults Think 4.8


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    • Ruth, Aspire Sussex (ex-Family Learning West Sussex)

      Suzanne is a very professional teacher. She can teach children of all abilities and backgrounds by understanding the pace they want to go at and the way they learn. Her preparation is superb and her delivery is excellent. Children find Suzanne warm, friendly and altogether a nice person. I have know her for ten years within the Family Learning environment where she has worked with whole families to improve children's learning and she is very sensitive to parental values and differences.

      Ruth 07 Apr 2014

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    • Steph former colleague

      I have known Suzanne for 15 years, she is a highly esteemed colleague. As a one 2 one tutor she is superb, very enthusiastic and is able to explain clearly and in different ways. She is patient, approachable and liked by all. As well as teaching children Suzanne has done a lot of work with parents in helping them understand how maths is taught in schools these days. She is also very creative, and runs textile and quilting lessons and workshops - Suzanne is an inspiration!

      Steph 04 Apr 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Pippa, Haywards Heath

      I've known Suzanne for 25 years and I can't recommended her highly enough. She first came to work for me when I was a Deputy Head and she taught the class fantastically. Before I retired as Head teacher at Eastbrook Primary School Suzanne ran some tutor courses at my school - the kids loved her and the parents and teachers thought she was extremely good.

      Pippa 03 Apr 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Parents of three, West Sussex

      Suzanne has privately tutored our daughter (year 5) for the past year weekly in either English or Maths. We found her extremely professional but also very personal. Our daughter certainly found her kind, patient and very encouraging. She has boosted our daughter's confidence no end by teaching her how to tackle difficult questions as well as improving her general all round technique. Our daughter enjoyed all her tutoring sessions with Susan as she made learning fun through exercises and games. She always listened to our daughter's opinion and was always full of praise and encouragement. We could not recommend Suzanne more highly.

      Nitasha 08 Jul 2015

    Suzanne Fisher - Tutor has 4 reviews with an average of 4.8
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    Please note: I am available to teach after school hours and in the school holidays.
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  4. Suzanne Fisher

    I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years and now focus on tutoring children who for whatever reason are finding maths and English hard work. My approach is very child centred, starting with areas they feel they are less confident in. I use the National Curriculum to ensure that the children are learning age appropriate methods, progressing onto new methods as and when they feel capable. I teach using work sheets, practical activities and also try and use their own interests to catch their imagination and learning.
    I can also help adults to develop their own understanding of the maths that is used in primary schools. If 'chunking methods of division' fills you with fear I can help you to achieve this and 'grid multiplicatio' I can work with you on an individual basis or work with a small group of you and some friends around the kitchen table. Tea and cake can be a great incentive!
    I also teach textiles and am qualified to teach both embroidery and patchwork and quilting. I can help you make your first quilt, embroider a cushion or make a toy for your child. I run classes in Henfield, Worthing and Hove or can come to your home.
    Maybe you'd like to make a quilt with a group of friends? Again I can hire a hall locally to you and we can spend the day away from family pressures and just sew and chat.

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