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What is Start-Bee?

Start-Bee is a proven method for teaching handwriting that’s unlike anything else on offer.  It bridges the gap between a how-to-handwrite book and a teacher trained in handwriting (of which there are very, very few).  Within seven lessons the Start-Bee method takes a complete handwriting beginner from making marks to writing their name (to UK’s Ofsted standard for Foundation Stage learners), that’s every child - including dyslexic and SEN learners.  

Here’s how we do it:

  • We use a script that has been proven to aid reading and writing
  • We use a method which works with a child’s limited attention span
  • Our approach is fun so that children see writing as a reward not a chore
  • Our back to basics approach ensures correct pencil grip and strong writing muscles to make writing a pleasure not a pain
  • We use peer-to-peer instruction

Our ambition?

…help EVERY child write effortlessly, enjoyably and excellently.

Three Handwriting programmes for SEN, Dyslexic and Neutral Learners

 Each programme is available for Dyslexic, Neutral or SEN learners.

  1. Basics Bootcamp  (specifically aimed at Reception, Nurseries, Nannies and parents)
  2. Letters Write  (specifically aimed at primary schools and private tutors/tutoring companies)
  3. All Joined-Up (specifically aimed at primary schools and private tutors/tutoring companies)

Why is handwriting needed?

Writing by hand doesn’t just allow an individual to make quick notes on a piece of paper or write a letter, it makes children smarter; it helps them to read, process information, understand, learn a language or remember information better than typing or reading from a screen.

There is clear scientific evidence* that children who can write are able to access the entire education curriculum more efficiently than children who cannot write well enough. Alongside reading and maths, writing is one of the three key skills everyone needs to master if they are to cope in the adult world. To have a career, to take charge of financial affairs and to live independently depend largely on an individual’s ability to read, write and add up.

Why Start-Bee?

The desire to make our mark and express ourselves physically is innate but handwriting itself is a taught skill.  However, few teachers know how to teach this skill properly, having never been taught themselves:  their ability to teach others how to write effortlessly, enjoyably and excellently is extremely limited.

Add to that the fact that children in a class of 30 learn at different rates, or have different problems to overcome such as dyslexia or dyspraxia to master handwriting, and you can see why 1 in 3 children in the UK are leaving primary school unable to write properly.   From 38,000 UK primary schools, that’s 1.7m children who need help with their handwriting.

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