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Rhyme, Rhythm & Song in Woodmansterne, Banstead

  1. Are you looking for an activity that both you and your child can enjoy, somewhere you can meet other parents and make new friends? Welcome to Rhyme Rhythm & Song, a singing group in Woodmansterne, for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

    We sing and dance together. Most of the children are between six months and four years although the youngest ever was only three days! It's never too early to start singing. We meet all year round, including July and August.

    What we do

    In this relaxed environment children and their grown-ups sing and dance together and have fun. All of our songs and rhymes have actions so we might be skipping, hopping, running or creeping. There are finger rhymes and counting rhymes and contact songs - being thrown up in the air, bouncing on a lap or rowing in a boat. There are rhymes to be quiet and rhymes to be noisy. Some songs will be familiar whilst others will be new. Children have plenty of opportunities to ask for their favourites.

    We use glove puppets, a parachute, bubbles and the Music Box, full of instruments. When it's your birthday there's a candle and we'll sing to you and make a magic cake.

    The age range is mixed; babies love being sung to and cuddled while the older children are able to do the actions and sing along.

    There is a break in the middle of the session for refreshments, including various teas, coffee, hot chocolate, squash and bread sticks. During this time there are hoops and balls for the children to play with and it is a chance for you to relax and socialise with other adults


    • Don't forget that we are open all through the summer. If your regular class is closed you are welcome to come along - no booking required. 3 of your first 10 sessions are FREE!

      19 August 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    Woodmansterne is where we meet but people come from miles around.

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    • Woodmansterne, Banstead The Scout Hall Carshalton Road Woodmansterne, Banstead SM7 3HR
      • Baby bottle heating
      • Free Parking
      • Buggy/Disabled Access


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    Pricing & Other Information

    The cost is £6 per session, which includes refreshments, and you get 3 of your first 10 sessions FREE.
    There is no extra charge for more than one child.
    There is no membership fee or requirement to make a block booking; you only pay for the sessions you attend.

  2. Rhyme, Rhythm & Song has 20 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 4.9
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Rachel, Mum to Frank (age 4)

      Denise is great and the children love it and love her! It's very relaxed and informal and the hall is a great space. Denise is very good with the children and the parents. My children enjoy it so much they don't even sit with me anymore!

      Rachel 26 Jun 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Charlotte mum to Edward (3 and half) and Thomas (22 months), Banstead

      Rhyme, Rhythm and Song is great, really relaxed and informal. You can turn up as you are and just enjoy. We gather round in a circle and sing songs with actions and then have a break which gives the kids an opportunity to run about with balls and hoops, and for the mums to have a drink and chat. The second half is more songs finishing with a parachute, bubbles or music box. I like that it's a drop in and Denise is fantastic at engaging the children. I have really noticed how both my son's speech have developed especially Edward as he has been going since he was a tiny baby. They really enjoy it and I love it too! - it lift's my spirits and I hate it when I miss it!

      Charlotte 26 Jun 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Sam Mum to Finley (age 2) and Nanny to Freya (age 2), Wallington

      Denise is lovely and is great at interacting with the children. The songs vary each week and Denise runs it really well. The kids love it and so do the parents - its the best group I have ever been to, and its open in the school holidays!


      The kallikids reputation
    • Childminder....lots of littlies

      We have just started going to this lovely group in Woodmansterne. Denise is full of enthusiasm and energy and patience and is fantastic with the children. There are lots of great songs (I thought I knew every kids song going...but she is even teaching me lots of new ones) which vary each week along with movements and dancing. Then a well needed coffee and chance to chat while the kids play with balls and hoops. More singing, dancing, instruments and parachute games.
      One of the things I love is that the group isn't too structured, it changes depending on the children there and their mood. I also love that Denise learns all the names of the children and includes the children in the songs and movements.
      Lovely bright airy hall with good parking.

      Jenna 17 Sep 2015


      Rhyme, Rhythm & Song – Jenna, thank you so much for a lovely review. I'm so glad that you and the children are enjoying coming. I'm always ready to learn new words and verses to songs and I'm sure you could teach me some new ones too.

    • Shona, Mum of Samuel (2 1/2) in Banstead

      These classes are great fun and have really bought Samuel on with his walking and talking. It is a good opportunity for mum and son enjoyment together, and the toddlers get to meet other kids and us parents can have a cuppa and a chat.
      Denise gets us singing songs, dancing, playing musical instruments and using the 'play parachute' which the kids love.
      Come along and join us!!

      Shona 05 Sep 2015


      Rhyme, Rhythm & Song – Hi Shona, Thank you for taking the time to add your review. I'm glad that you and Samuel enjoy it so much. Thank you too for bringing your friends to the group. Denise


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    Rhyme, Rhythm & Song has 20 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Latest from Rhyme, Rhythm & Song

    • Don't forget that we are open all through the summer. If your regular class is closed you are welcome to come along - no booking required. 3 of your first 10 sessions are FREE!

      19 August 2015

    • The Teddy Bears’ picnics are on the 13th, 14th & 16th of July for an hour after singing. Bring your lunch and your teddy bear and we’ll have a picnic outside on the grass if it’s sunny or indoors on the parachute if it’s wet.

      11 July 2015

    • Check back for the date of the next evening meal - it's probably going to be at the end of April

      11 March 2015

    • 28th, 29th & 31st July We will have a Teddy Bears' picnic after singing. Bring packed lunch and we'll sit outside if the weather is good or inside on the parachute if it's raining. Don't forget to bring your teddy. Collection for Operation Smile.

      27 June 2014

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  5. Denise Taylor

    I'm Denise and I run Rhyme, Rhythm & Song. I love singing with preschool children and I've been doing it for many years.
    Every child is an individual but they all enjoy singing and being sung to. I try to make each child feel that they are special, adding their own words to songs, and asking for their requests.
    There are always new songs to learn and I'm constantly adding to my repertoire.
    Singing should be fun for adults and children and I know that many of the parents that come enjoy it just as much as the children. I hope you will too.

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