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Peter Metcalfe - Guitar/Bass Guitar Tutor

  1. I am a guitar teacher (and singer-songwriter!) with over 20 years experience providing lessons in the Tunbridge Wells area and beyond.

    • All styles taught: rock, blues, all folk styles, classical.
    • I teach primarily from my loft-style recording studio just outside Tunbridge Wells, a few minutes from the A21. On request I also do home visits within the area.
    • Extensive experience teaching to adults, as well as in both private and public school sector. Have been CRB checked.
    • I am also a member of the Registry of Guitar Teachers.

    For a beginner the first thing is to build knowledge of chords, strumming styles, and other basic techniques. With that general ability, we can then begin to apply that knowledge to the music of their choice.

    Intermediates can do all the basic stuff (though we can if necessary firm up the essentials) but need help to develop more complicated skills and details. I provide a structure to allow that next step to come to fruition.

    Upper-intermediates need focused attention on certain areas of their playing. Like a golf pro, it always helps to have a troubleshooter to clear any blocks to your progression.

    I'm now teaching over the internet to a variety of students throughout the UK. Skype is the next best thing to a one-to-one lesson, and a great solution to the time restrictions in our busy lives. If you need help with setting up Skype please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Areas covered

    My studio is in Southborough but will make home visits if more convenient. I teach over the internet on Skype.

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    • Tunbridge Wells 11c Harding Avenue Southborough Tunbridge Wells TN4 0TU


    Bass Guitar lessons, Guitar lessons, Songwriting, Studio hire, Vocal coaching

    Pricing & Other Information

    I charge £26.00 per hour or £15.00 for half.
    For a home visit it is £32.00 per hour or £20.00 for half.

  2. Peter Metcalfe - Guitar/Bass Guitar Tutor has 3 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Jane, Tunbridge Wells

      I had been interested in learning guitar for a while and decided to do something about it last June. Pete was recommended to me via a friend and I instantly loved it. He installed a great deal of confidence in me and is understanding to your level of playing. With Pete’s help I’ve come on leaps and bounds and am able to play some of my favourite songs like Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight. Being able to play your favourite songs is a great feeling and so enjoyable and Pete has helped me achieve this. A friend & I also have joint lessons with Pete every 2 or 4 weeks - my friend on the Ukulele and me on Guitar. They are great fun. My friend was a complete beginner when we had our first lesson & Pete helped her get a few chords so that by the end of that lesson she could play a couple of tunes. Pete ask what we want to play & then makes sure the arrangement is one we will both be able to manage.

      Jane 19 Apr 2013

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    • David (adult learner), West Wickham

      I first met Pete in the mid-80s and immediately started to progress in my guitar playing. Pete gives you confidence by helping you learn to play the music that you enjoy. When I was living in London and wanted to learn some jazz guitar, Pete even arranged to send me email lessons for a year. He also offers guitar lessons on Skype. I am impressed by Pete’s musical skills and familiarity with a range of guitar styles from classical to rock. As well as being an accomplished guitarist, he uses other instruments and music software to create his own recordings and compositions. I have a lot of respect for his musical knowledge. As a music tutor and as a family friend, he has always been honest and dependable. If we'd been living closer at the time, I'd have asked Pete to teach my son to play.

      David 12 Apr 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Ray, Forest Row

      Pete has been teaching me guitar for around five years and the fact that I still go once a week tells you how good he is. I started learning at the age of 12 but did have a 30 year break (I’m 64) and went to Pete because I wanted to learn new styles. Pete shows commitment and effort and the only improvement is me doing more homework. I have not seen Pete teach children but imagine he would be very good just because I know him so well and he has taught in schools. He is first class.

      Ray 12 Apr 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    Peter Metcalfe - Guitar/Bass Guitar Tutor has 3 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  4. Pete Metcalfe

    Originally from Leicester and inspired by the song-writing of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell and the guitar playing of Davy Graham and Bert Jansch, Pete quickly began playing on the local folk scene solo, then after a couple of year's spell in an R'n'B' band, formed his own doing the University circuit. 

    After moving to London, he augmented gigging with teaching and has taught ever since. He now has a recording set-up in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells where he works on his own material, offering help to students and local musicians to record their own work. He has been CRB checked for teaching and covers both rock, blues, folk, acoustic and classical styles. Pete plays both Collings, Guild and Ralph Bown acoustics and Gretsch, Gibson and Fender electrics. 

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  • Number of visits: Continuous course
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Contact Details

  • Name Peter Metcalfe
  • Location 11c Harding Avenue Southborough Tunbridge Wells Kent TN4 0TU
  • Telephone 01892 522006
  • Email UsEmail us Visit our websiteVisit our website

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