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Oober Kids Republic in London

  1. OoberKidsRepublic provides additional, home tutoring in Maths, English and Science at Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6). We capitalise on young people’s love and enjoyment of the internet and the online world by making it educational at the same time. OoberKidsRepublic is a place for adults passionate about balancing their child’s/pupil/ward's education and play. Our core educational modules are presented as multiple-choice mini-tests, backed by ‘top tips’ to consolidate the lesson the child is being tested on.

    Each English, Maths and Science mini-test features three levels of proficiency (starter, intermediate and advanced) and interaction to engage and amuse your child, while guiding them from the basics to the more complex aspects of each topic. Each core subject educational module is split into ten course subjects:

    Online Maths Tutoring
    • Addition
    • Division
    • Multiplication
    • Subtraction
    • Counting and understanding numbers
    • Handling data
    • Knowing and using number facts
    • Measuring
    • Understanding shapes
    • Using and applying Maths
    Online English Tutoring
    • All about commas
    • Adjectives and adverbs: improve the description in your writing
    • Improve your spelling
    • Improve your punctuation
    • Prefixes and suffixes
    • All about nouns
    • Using connectives to improve your writing
    • All about verbs
    • All about speech marks
    • All about pronouns
    Online Science Tutoring
    • Changing materials
    • Electricity
    • Forces and motions
    • Grouping materials
    • Ideas and evidence
    • Investigative skills
    • Life processes
    • Light and sound
    • Living organisms
    • Science is all around you!

    We also provide a spelling improvement programme called ‘Spelling Buzz’ and history tips, surveys to get your children used to express their views, free e-cards to encourage them to write and tips about money management, free-weekend/holiday fun and much more.


    Areas covered

    We offer universal coverage, because we are an online service.


    KS2 English, KS2 Maths, Online tutoring for children, Science tutors

    Pricing & Other Information

    * Prices start from £3 a month for one-subject premium subscription.
    * Those who pay the annual subscription fee in full receive an automatic 50% discount.
    * Special deals available for school/class subscriptions.
    At OoberKidsRepublic we believe education is a 'basic' of life not a luxury, so we price it accordingly. We aim to become the online homework help of choice.

  2. Oober Kids Republic has 3 reviews with an average of 4.4
    • Quality of Service 4.3
    • Value for Money 4.3
    • What the Kids Think 4.3
    • What the Adults Think 4.7


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    • Mr Griffiths, Assistant Head Teacher, Solihull

      I’ve been involved with some of the development of Oober Kids, it’s a fairly new website and covers lots of different subjects, and it’s a good resource for children. There are forums for parents and children to use which are closely monitored by Oober Kids. Cecilia, who created it, is great at taking advice and input and implementing it. It’s very colourful, which is great but the navigation needs to be simplified for the children. When the children complete different bits, the teachers get certificates which can be printed out and given to the kids which is a nice idea. There’s a section called The Bakery which has cookery videos with healthy recipes, and another section with yoga clips so it really is very varied, a broad range of things. It still needs a bit of work, but on the whole it’s a good idea that works well.

      Mr Griffiths 03 Feb 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Sarah, Mum to Daisy (9), Brighton

      I set Daisy up on the site and now I just let her get on with it, she uses it regularly, about two or three times a week. There’s maths, english and science and it gives them fun tests and games to play, practical things like that. It’s just a bit more fun than the things they do at school, and if she’s playing on the tablet I’d rather she was doing something educational than some others games. You can go on as a parent and check their progress and she seems to like it so I’m happy.

      Sarah 27 Jan 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Ruby age 8, Brighton

      It's fun and good for learning and it's very colorful and easy to use. The questions are challenging but that's a good thing. There were lots of fun things to find and discover. I loved the investigative skills and i learned new facts

      19 Mar 2015

    Oober Kids Republic has 3 reviews with an average of 4.4
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  3. Cecilia Valente - Founder and Managing Director

    Hi, I am Cecilia. I am a tri-lingual journalist with an interest and belief in life-long-education. I set up OoberKidsRepublIc ( because I believe education has genuine life-shaping potential. I know from experience that a good education is the best investment an adult can make for and in a child. My company's motto is 'You-nique, Every child' and I and the people behind this project believe it sums up our scope (and hope); to help you nurture your child's mind. My ambition is to make OoberKidsRepublic the instrument of choice for parents and guardians to help children of any background become familiar with 'core' subjects, but also with important life skills, such as cookery and money management (it's never too early to start understanding money). I conceived OoberKidsRepublic as a one-stop-shop to offer material prepared by passionate, enthusiastic teachers and tutors to encourage kids in their every day learning routines, but also to promote healthy and active living - we encourage kids to go out by listing free family events and parents have the option to award extra points to their children, when they run errands or have an active day. OoberKidsRepublic hopes to respond to the needs of the modern family's busy life. We aim to keep everyone informed and happy. Parents are kept abreast of their kids' progress via e-mail every time the kids sit a test, while kids can review their answers against the right answers and can even print out certificates detailing their results, to show to friends and family and be proud of their achievements. My long term plans for the company are to widen its scope to include ICT, foreign languages and to add more extra curriculum activities, to encourage our oober kids to be curious and full of vitality. Last, but certainly not least, I aim to keep OoberKidsRepublic accessible and affordable.

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