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Marianne Sawford in Haywards Heath

  1. If you and your child have decided that you would like to hire a tutor, I have a wealth of experience to offer you.  I have a relaxed and friendly approach and understand how important it is for children to feel at ease in order to learn effectively.  As an experienced primary school teacher I fully understand the importance of a consistent approach to supporting children’s learning in areas such as written calculations, for example, but I am also able to offer a fresh perspective and some new, individually-tailored ways of learning.  

    • Maybe your child would like to simply boost his or her confidence in a particular subject area, such as spelling or mental calculations, or have some unhurried time to consolidate what he or she has covered in school.  
    • Would your child benefit from a varied approach to learning some of the basic concepts they have perhaps previously found difficult?  I can offer a range of games and practical activities for all learning, including such basics as number bonds, times tables facts, spelling and dictionary skills.  Tuition does not necessarily have to be pen-and-paper based at all. This is particularly important for younger children.  I aim to make learning as fun and active as possible.
    • Does your child lack motivation in one area of learning, such as writing?  I can work with your child to find interesting and purposeful opportunities for them to write and develop their skills, confidence and enjoyment. 
    • Your child may be working towards a particular test or exam and benefit from tuition on exam technique as well as subject content.
    • Home educated children may want to work with a tutor on a particular area of learning or take a project-based approach that encompasses several different areas of learning.  I am happy to take an interest-led approach if this suits you.

    Areas covered

    Haywards Heath. Tuition sessions are held in my home in central Haywards Heath.

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    English tutors, KS1 Tutors, KS2 English, KS2 Maths, Maths tutors, Science tutors, Spelling tutors

    Pricing & Other Information

    £22 per hour for individual tuition.
    Contracts available for weekday sessions. Weekend and school holiday sessions are available on a flexible basis. Please contact me to discuss the arrangement that would best suit you.

  2. Marianne Sawford has 4 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 4.8
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Kay mum to William (age 9) Haywards Heath

      Marianne has been tutoring William for about a year. She is extremely patient and was very good at quickly understanding what William could and couldn’t do. I was able to stay for the first few sessions which I found very helpful. Marianne is great at engaging William through lots of different resources which we can use at home. William has gone from ‘a cause for concern’ at school to ‘a high achiever’. I was also invited to stay for as many sessions as I wanted to and still do occasionally.I can highly recommend Marianne.

      Kay 25 Oct 2013

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    • Nancy, Home Educating Mum of 3, Horsham

      Marianne tutors my two eldest children (6 and 8 years old). She is very child-led, and keeps them engaged by finding tasks and activities specific to their interests that will build up their skill set. For instance my son was quite stressed over reading and writing when he left school, so they will often do science experiments together which he loves. He’s happy to read directions and write lists of ingredients, asking for help when he needs it. There’s always a lot of interesting discussion too. Her manner is very calm and gentle which has earned their trust and respect. My boys are both quite lively and Marianne manages to get the best out of them.

      Nancy 22 Oct 2013

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    • Faye, Mum of 3 (10, 4 and 3 years), Haywards Heath

      My son has been having tuition with Marianne since last Spring and has so much more confidence in his schoolwork now, especially in Maths. Her real skill has been finding a way that works best for him, and keeping his interest by tailoring the tasks to his individual strengths, weaknesses and interests. We get great feedback after every session on what they've done and why. Marianne has a very calming manner and puts him completely at his ease. She has worked wonders with him, and his predicted SATs results have gone up which is fabulous!


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    • Mum of one little girl

      Marriane is one of the only few people I could ever trust to leave my daughter with. Within Marrianes frequent care I watched my daughter grow into a brighter little girl which was always a pleasure to see when I couldn't be with her. She offers a welcoming home, great knowledge and will always help in any way she possibly can to ensure your child can get the best quality of care when with her.

      Beckie 25 Mar 2015

    Marianne Sawford has 4 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  4. Marianne Sawford

    I am a friendly tutor who will always aim to put students at their ease and engage them by make learning as fun and active as possible. I am happy to take whatever approach you and your child feel is most suitable, whether that be in supporting the development of a specific skill set or responding to a wider remit to support learning across the whole of one or more subject areas. This can be led by your child's individual interests (for example, a child who has a passion for dinosaurs may be motivated to write, make books and posters about dinosaurs, learning about sentence structure, spelling and handwriting whilst doing so) or we can follow the same topics your child is studying at school if this is useful context for their learning and reinforces key concepts from those topics. Above all, I am flexible and responsive to your child's needs and progress in learning. I also welcome home educated students and, again, I am happy to take an interest-led, cross-curricular approach or work with your child on any particular skill or area of learning. I worked as a primary school teacher for eleven years until the birth of my daughter in 2010. During my time in schools I taught the whole primary age range from Reception to Year 6, and worked in various roles including Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Advanced Skills Teacher, and worked with children on the Gifted and Talented programme. I have a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences, a PGCE (Primary) teaching qualification and a MSc in Education for Sustainability.

    In addition to working as a tutor, I am and Ambassador for Barefoot Books, selling books and running children's story sessions for ages toddlers to teens, in Haywards Heath and Brighton. For three years I was also an Ofsted Registered Childminder. I received 'Outstanding in All Areas' when inspected by Ofsted in 2011. I am also a Carrying Consultant and run a Sling Library, advising on and hiring baby slings and carriers to parents across Mid Sussex, and teach BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm parenting classes. Find out more at

    • Qualifications (3)
      • Ofsted Registered Childminder - Outstanding
      • PGCE in Education
      • Qualified Teacher Status

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  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • PGCE in Education
  • Ofsted Registered Childminder - Outstanding
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