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Margarita Bennett - Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert in Hove

Margarita Bennett - Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert

  1. Margarita has been training and getting women back to shape for over 10 years. After moving to Brighton from Australia Margarita realized that there are many Yoga, Pilates classes and general gyms in Brighton and Hove but none of them really focus on women’s fitness needs while encompassing their lifestyle. As a busy Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor as well as a mum of two lovely children (17 months apart) Margarita can see how hard it is for women to achieve their goals while managing so many different aspects in their lives.

    Ante-Natal Fitness

    Having gone through two pregnancies with 16 months apart Margarita fully understand what can happen to our bodies and how they change. Margarita will help you through your pregnancy. She will help you manage your weight and prepare your body for the changes that happen through each trimester. Exercising Prenatally will help you control your weight gain, improve your posture, prevent some of the issues above but most importantly aid with preparing your body for labour.

    Belly Bloom

    These classes are for women at whatever stage of pregnancy. The classes have been developed with three core elements – Pilates, Strength Training and a little Cardio.

    Due to the three core elements of the class the person develops endurance, stamina and strength which are all vital attributes for a healthy and active birth.

    Due to the influence of Pilates within each class there is a big focus on being aware of your body and how the muscles and skeleton work therefore given you the tools for correcting your posture and preventing lower back pain, shoulder pain and general muscular issues. Each class is different and because of all the potential modifications the trainer can provide it welcomes women of all stages of pregnancy within the class. The class also covers relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques which are essential tools for the big day.

    Post Natal Fitness

    Margaritas goal is to help postnatal mamas feel better not only physically but also by increasing energy levels which is vital when there are little ones running around! Training can begin after your doctors check-up (usually 6 weeks if normal delivery).

    The programmes and classes are design to help your body regain your shape, slowly manage your weight and improve your energy levels and posture. Everyone is different, as every pregnancy and birth is different. There is not one solution or one diet or one exercise….If you have had a C-Section you should delay your training for approximately 8 – 12 weeks once your doctor has given you the all clear. Having had a C-Section herself Margarita is fully aware of the limitations our body go through while recovering. There are a few exercises that both normal delivery and C-section deliveries can follow immediately postpartum.

    Belly Buster

    Belly Buster™ – Postnatal Fitness is a class were you can get fit with your baby. Whether they are awake, asleep, newborn, crawling or walking. It is spontaneous and fun while getting a great workout. Belly Buster™ combines core stability, cardio, strength training while including elements of Pilates. In this class you will slowly regain your strength and tone your muscles so you can manage your child’s physical development. We will work on your pelvic floor and build your core stability so as to improve your posture and tone the tummy muscles. We work hard on recovering from Diastasis recti and ‘Zipping up’ your tummy.

    1-2-1 Training

    Whether you are a fitness freak or have never entered a gym Margarita can help you change the way you approach your fitness. It is all about enjoying and developing your ability. The kind of workouts she offers are tailored to the individuals need. Margarita does not make clients do long, boring cardio workouts. Her sessions are based around short bursts of cardio, good quality strength exercise that requires motivational personal training while bringing in Pilates and Core Stability exercises.

    My Method

    As a Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates Instructor and Core Stability Specialist Margarita has developed a unique training format; this format encompassing all her skills into one giving a very focused workout. Margarita has a keen interest in medicine as well as postural and rehabilitational issues. She not only helps you to achieve your goals in a healthy and fun way through fitness and nutrition but also highlights any postural issues you may have so as to aid in preventing and or improving any muscular or skeletal issues you may suffer from.

    Her training and classes follow a rehabilitational emphasisso every exercise you do will always have a postural focus. Due to her training method and becoming a mother she specialised in working with women, primarily focusing on Pre and Postnatal women.Margaritas Classes work towards getting women ready to give birth and then ‘putting them back together’ post-partum.Her specialist areas are in preventing and aiding SPD, Pelvic Girdle Pain, CTS, Gestational Diabetes, Weight management, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Issues, Postnatal Depression and general physical and emotional rehabilitation which are all covered during the class format. You may have had your baby 5 days ago, 5 yrs ago or even 50 years ago; Margarita has been training and getting women back to shape for over 10 years






    • Very exited to say a new logo, website and booking system is coming very soon!! We are also going to launch more classes! Keep your eye on this space..

      06 May 2014 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    Classes are based in Hove.

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    • Hove Smile2Live 121 - 123 Davigdor Road Hove BN3 1RE


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    Pricing & Other Information

    Belly Buster™ Classes – 6x week course £48
    Prebook as limited spaces. Trial Classes available £9 per class.

    Personal Training 1:1 session or Stott Pilates 1:1 sessions

    - Initial consultation – £40 (Postural assessment, measurements and chat about Goals/Injuries)
    Thereafter £30-£40 per session (discounts given for block booking / monthly deals etc)

  2. Margarita Bennett - Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert has 9 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.9
    • What the Kids Think 4.8
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Melissa, Mum of One, Sussex

      I've been going to classes with Margarita now for approximately 9 months - she is just fantastic, gives 110% of herself in every lesson and is a real motivator. I've also had one 1-2-1 session with her and she drew up a 6 week plan for me. As the classes are small, they feel very personal, and Margarita is therefore accessible to everyone and so welcoming. She has not only helped me with exercise, but also nutrition as well, even going so far as to share family recipes!! I never really got on with Pilates before, but with Margarita she explains which muscles we're working on and why and it makes such a difference. I really can't sing her praises highly enough - she's one of the people who have helped me to survive the last year!

      Melissa 05 Mar 2014

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    • Michelle, Mum of Two, Sussex

      Having had two children very close together (14 month age difference) I approached Margarita, having heard about her from friends, to try and get back in shape. I go to her Belly Buster class with my son and also use her as a personal trainer. The best thing about Margarita is that she focussed on my fitness needs while encompassing my lifestyle, and seemed to combine personal trainer/ nutritionist / dietician all in one, and combined a whole body approach. She understood that I needed to build my core stability back up first and was so much more knowledgeable than I had expected. I had initially thought I would only book a course of 10 1-2-1 sessions, but I'm still seeing her on weekly basis now - my fitness and core stability is the best it’s ever been. What's great as well is that when you first go back to exercise classes after having a baby, they can seem quite intimidating, but this is not the case with Margarita's classes - she is so warm and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their fitness level, and creates a lovely atmosphere.

      Michelle 04 Mar 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Elodie, Mum of One, Sussex

      I've been going to classes with Margarita since my son was 7 weeks old. I was worried that he was too young but he seems to enjoy the class as much as I do! There are a maximum of 6 of us in a class, so Margarita is really able to tailor the class to everyone and adapt the exercise if someone has had a C-Section or has a weaker core, and the class is still challenging for us all. This is the third block of classes I have attended, and I fully intend to carry on! Its a great atmosphere, there are no childcare costs, and if he needs a feed, then its no problem. I really couldn't ask for more.


      The kallikids reputation
    • Amy, mummy to 3 gorgeous girls xx

      Margarita's classes are amazing. If you've ever wondered why does my tummy look that funny shape when I get up or I've been exercising and watching what I eat but still look pregnant this is the class for you. I noticed my funny shape tummy after my first child in 2009 and had my last daughter by c-section in August 2014. I started attending Margarita's classes in Jan 2015. On your first visit Margarita will examine your stomach muscles and tell you what you need to do. After 6 months of attending classes, I finally closed the gap that was causing my funny shaped tummy and continue with the plan Margarita wrote for me to strengthen my core. She is AMAZING. Margarita doesn't know this but she not only helped me physically but mentally too at a time when I was really struggling. All I can say is go, it's hard work but it's fun, it's a very relaxed class and you get lots of individual attention and the babies love it too.

      Amy 04 Sep 2015

    • Brighton mum

      Marguerita's belly buster class has really helped strengthen my weak abdominal muscles, and generally improved my core strength and posture - thank you!

      Briony 05 Aug 2015


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    Margarita Bennett - Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert has 9 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  3. Latest from Margarita Bennett - Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert

    • Very exited to say a new logo, website and booking system is coming very soon!! We are also going to launch more classes! Keep your eye on this space..

      06 May 2014

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  5. Margarita Bennett

    Margarita has been training since she was 18 years old; slowly it progressed to training friends and colleagues. From college gyms to KX in Chelsea, being fit has always been at the forefront of her life. She qualified as a personal trainer in Australia with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and since qualifying she has never looked back.

    “I love being fit and now that I have had two children I understand the challenges before and after pregnancy, the losing weight as well as the recovery from a C-section.”

    Following her own fitness progress while pregnant and postnatally she realized there were no fitness classes or Personal Trainers that solely specialized in women’s fitness.

    Margaritas goal is to help Women of ALL ages enjoy fitness while, improving their posture and lessening the impact that different stages in life have on them.

    Due to seeing the benefits of Pilates through the years Margarita decided to train as a Stott Pilates Instructor and then proceeded to create Belly Bloom -Fitness and Belly Buster -Fitness which are a Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness programme specially designed and tailored to deal with these two very important stages in life. She offers 121 fitness from her studio in Hove but also provides a bespoke service to all the ladies that attend the BBF Classes.

    Margarita is originally from Venenzuela; as she is bilingual in Spanish and English the Personal training sessions can be done in either language. And due to her Latin ways the classes are great fun with loads of energy and vitality

    • Qualifications (3)
      • Stott Pilates Intensive Mat-Plus
      • Certificate III in Fitness - Personal Training
      • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Training

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  • Stott Pilates Intensive Mat-Plus
  • Certificate III in Fitness - Personal Training
  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Training
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