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Leo Hanlon - Guitar Tutor in Brighton

  1. Leo is an experienced and dedicated guitar and bass tutor catering to your specific needs helping you achieve your own goals. As well as his own syllabus Leo can cover preparation for grades and help with GCSE music.

    Areas covered

    I teach within a 5 mile radius of Brighton. Requests can be made for me to go further but every situation is unique and entirely depends on location and the price agreed.

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    Bass Guitar lessons, Guitar lessons

    Pricing & Other Information

    30 minutes £15
    45 mins £20
    1 hour £25

  2. Leo Hanlon - Guitar Tutor has 3 reviews with an average of 4.8
    • Quality of Service 4.7
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 4.7


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    • Angeline, Mum of 2 (15 and 13 years), Brighton

      We've been really pleased with the level of guitar tuition that Leo provides - he has been teaching both my children for the last year now. He is able to communicate well with them both - if either of them are struggling on anything particular he is able to clearly and carefully explain what they need to do and why. He has built up a very good relationship with them and they respond very well to him. He usually teaches them at my home so I have seen and heard the quality of the lessons myself. Another plus point is that we are able to give feedback to Leo, and he always responds positively to this and changes the lessons accordingly to support the children appropriately. He prepares his own lesson plan but also manages to take into account the interests of the children and what they would like to play.

      Angeline 09 Jul 2013

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    • Susan, Brighton

      I've been having guitar lessons with Leo now for nearly 18 months. When you first have a lesson with him he talks to you about the techniques that you want to learn and he will then plan the lessons accordingly. He is a very experienced guitar player and has a nice, calm and friendly manner and he's very reliable. The lessons are always enjoyable and I feel I have learned a lot from him.

      Susan 16 May 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Debbie, Mum to Joe, Shoreham

      Leo has been teaching Joe for about a year now and we are really pleased with his progress. Joe has dyslexia and Leo is endlessly patient with him. His lessons are always well prepared, he is always punctual, pleasant to talk to and has never let us down. Joe really responds well to Leo - Leo asks about the kind of music he likes and then will bring something by the artist for him to study so he is very pro-active. We'used other teachers before and Leo is the best by a mile.

      Debbie 09 Apr 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    Leo Hanlon - Guitar Tutor has 3 reviews with an average of 4.8
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  4. Leo Hanlon

    Leo's musical journey began when he was just 12. He started with an old nylon stringed acoustic guitar scanning chord books and learning his favourite songs. By 14 he was playing traditional Irish folk in pubs with family and friends who occasionally popped over from Northern Ireland to gig.

    By 2007 Leo became an esteemed music degree graduate with training from guitar virtuosos such as Guthrie Govan, Paul Bielatowicz, Steve Allsworth, Jamie Humphries and Michael Caswell.  Through the years Leo has gained a vast amount of experience in gigging, session work and teaching. His work has taken him across the UK and overseas.

    Leo regularly writes and records music for television and productions. He also plays in a number of professional functions bands playing at weddings, parties and a corporate events. He has been lucky enough to have worked with the likes of Al Scott (The Levellers), Eliza Doolittle, Ace (Skunk Anansie), Carleen Anderson (solo artist, Brand New Heavies), and Jason Night (Reef)

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Customer Reviews (3)

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  • Name Leo Hanlon
  • Telephone 07984 145503
  • Email UsEmail us Visit our websiteVisit our website

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