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Lazy Daisy Tunbridge Wells and Rother - Daisy Birthing Antenatal & Daisy Baby massage and yoga in Robertsbridge

Lazy Daisy Tunbridge Wells and Rother - Daisy Birthing Antenatal & Daisy Baby massage and yoga

  1. Bloom in pregnancy and blossom in birth! Lazy Daisy is a unique pregnancy, birth and baby package, supporting active birth and active babies.

    Daisy Birthing

    Wonderfully relaxing active birth preparation class, combining movement, breathing, understanding of active birth, relaxation, and techniques to lessen any fears and enjoy a positive birth.

    Classes will enable you to have an easier, more comfortable pregnancy, help with getting baby in the right place for an optimum delivery, preparing key birth muscles, and helping your body to 'know' what to do on your big day. Our education is delivered as you move, to create intuitive 'muscle memory' - in labour your body will simply 'remember' while you stay calm and in control.

    Classes are beneficial even if you know you will have to have a more assisted delivery or C section. They are suitable for 1st or susequent pregnancies, and for ladies with SPD or pelvic girdle pain.
    Classes have a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere.
    Suitable from 14 -42 weeks.

    Couples Birthing Workshops

    For the mum to be and her birthing partner. No nonsense education in practical language, an understanding of the physiology of labour, what helps and what hinders, and techniques to enable partners to provide meaningful support. Leave with a toolkit of techniques to dip into through labour and birth.

    Contact me for dates.

    Daisy Baby

    Daisy Baby is a unique take on traditional baby massage and baby yoga, with a class format that appreciates that babies need time in arms too. An amazing class plan devised over 7 years of research, which really understands the needs of baby and mum, and what works in those early weeks and months

    Classes encourage ‘positive touch’ for baby with massage, gentle yoga and reflexology techniques. Learn to manage colic, reflux, constipation and other common baby issues. And understand and find out how to switch on baby’s calm button! 

    By bringing together positive touch, baby yoga inspired movement, movement for mum and relaxation into one complete class with lots of opportunity to have babe in arms, mums find they are usually able to participate for longer and with more enjoyment!  And when baby feels it is all too much, our beautiful white noise lullabies soothe them off to sleep!

    • Tinies (around 6 weeks to 5 months): - The Tinies class is very relaxing, with our own backing track for a really serene experience. Enjoy bonding with your baby and learning what makes them tick. Learn baby massage and yoga, and enjoy gentle movements to help strengthen and close your tummy muscles, and end with a lovely relaxation. 
    • Wrigglers (around 5 months to actively mobile): - The wrigglers class is a colourful and dynamic baby yoga based class, with song and bounce, and sensory activities. 
    Newborn Workshops

    For parents in the immediate 6 weeks post birth. 3 hour session. Helping you to learn about calming, soothing, safe swaddling (pros and cons), winding, settling, early massage, and post labour body care for mum. Understand what makes your baby tick in those first few weeks. 

    Contact me for dates.

    • So excited! We've expanded into Kent and East Sussex! Birthing and Baby classes now also in Hawkhurst, Hurst Green and Robertsbridge. Book before April and get one class free.

      08 March 2014 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    I run classes in the Tunbridge Wells area (Camden Centre and Christ Church) and Hawkhurst, Kent, and Hurst Green and Robertsbridge in East Sussex. I can also bring classes to your own home for a group of friends or 1:1 .

    View timetable


    • Robertsbridge The Grove High Street Robertsbridge TN32 5AP
    • Hurst green London Road Hurst Green Hurst green TN19 7PN
    • Hawkhurst Dunks Hall Rye Road Hawkhurst TN18 4HF
    • Tunbridge Wells Christ Church High Street Tunbridge Wells TN1 1UT
    • Tunbridge Wells Market Square Royal Victoria Place Tunbridge Wells TN1 2SW


    Baby + Toddler Health, Baby and Pre-school activities, Baby Massage Classes, Baby, toddler and pre-school classes, Baby, toddler and pre-school Massage, Baby, toddler and pre-school Movement, Baby, toddler and pre-school Music/singing, Baby, toddler and pre-school Reflexology, Baby, toddler and pre-school Sensory, Baby, toddler and pre-school Yoga, Birthing classes, Hypnobirthing classes, Pre and Ante natal classes, Yoga for Mums

    Pricing & Other Information

    A term of six weeks costs just £54

    You may try with no obligation.

    Birthing classes are 1 hour 20 min , Baby classes are 45-50 mins.

    Contact me about classes in your own home - discounts may be available. Perfect for groups of friends, baby groups and NCT groups.

    I can also provide one to one classes if preferred; please enquire.

    Booking essential.
    Do contact me with any questions

  2. Lazy Daisy Tunbridge Wells and Rother - Daisy Birthing Antenatal & Daisy Baby massage and yoga has 10 reviews with an average of 4.9
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.8
    • What the Kids Think 4.9
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Amy, Mum of 2 (6 years and 4 months), Tunbridge Wells

      I did a 6 week baby massage and yoga course with Anna for my youngest child and it was brilliant. Anna has a great way of including everyone in the group and provides a very welcoming environment. She is so relaxed - you never have to feel worried if your baby is a bit stressed out that day. I had previously done a baby massage course for my older child but much preferred Anna's - she is very creative, bringing in props, providing relaxation for the Mums (if possible!) at the end, bells for the babies to listen to and encourages the babies to look at each other. Her classes are great for relaxing and calming for Mums and Babies alike and we have now built baby massage into our everyday routine at home. I think she does a fantastic job and have recommended her to all my pregnant friends.

      Amy 11 Jul 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Stephanie, Mum of 2 (4 years and 7 months), Tunbridge Wells

      I found Anna's course to be a lovely bonding experience for my younger daughter and I. I enjoyed the structure of the classes and Anna was great at explaining what we were doing and why eg: connecting the right hand to the left foot helps connect fibres in the brain. I found her to be a fabulous teacher and my daughter still really enjoys the massages!

      Stephanie 11 Jul 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Rebecca , Mum of Sam , Tunbridge Wells

      I took Sam to a 5 week course with Lazy Daisy when he was 4 months old and we had a great time. Anna creates a brilliant ambiance in the class by doing songs and nursery rhymes for the mum’s and children to sing along to together and you feel a real connection with your baby. Anna herself is great! She’s friendly, approachable and really interested in the babies; she even gave me some useful techniques to use at home. Anna also sets some time aside for some mums relaxation which was very thoughtful and much appreciated.

      Rebecca 11 Jul 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Iwona, Tunbridge Wells

      Anna's classes (Baby Massage, Wrigglers) are wonderful. She makes all babies and Mums so welcome Her approach is fantastic! Classes are fun, relaxing, babies seem to enjoy them and are very calm afterwards.

      Iwona 14 Feb 2014

    • Anna

      The Lazy Daisy birthing class I attended helped me to feel in control of my labour and confident about my ability to deliver our beautiful baby girl... the relaxation breathing was invaluable and I purchased the music from the class which I played on repeat throughout my labour as it helped to provide a positive and calm environment that I felt comfortable in. Anna Hayes provided professional one-to-one advice and support whilst teaching the small group I had joined, to ensure the exercises were tailored to my needs (at 40 weeks + 2 days my mobility was somewhat reduced when I first attended the workshop but Anna ensured I benefited from each exercise and relaxation). I would highly recommend Anna Hayes and Lazy Daisy.

      Anna 06 Feb 2014


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    Lazy Daisy Tunbridge Wells and Rother - Daisy Birthing Antenatal & Daisy Baby massage and yoga has 10 reviews with an average of 4.9
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  3. Latest from Lazy Daisy Tunbridge Wells and Rother - Daisy Birthing Antenatal & Daisy Baby massage and yoga

    • So excited! We've expanded into Kent and East Sussex! Birthing and Baby classes now also in Hawkhurst, Hurst Green and Robertsbridge. Book before April and get one class free.

      08 March 2014

    • COUPLES ACTIVE BIRTH WORKSHOP Sun 9th March 10.00-2.00, Pembury Village Hall. Gain a toolkit of breathing, movement, position, relaxation and massage, & all the birth education you need. Only £55 per couple incl refreshments. Limited spaces.

      19 February 2014

    • NEWBORN WORKSHOP Sun 9th Feb 10.30-1.30, Pembury Village Hall £40 per couple, incl refreshments Attend with baby, ideally in first 6 weeks. Gain a toolkit of techniques to help incl. calming, winding, holds, sleep, massage, colic, reflux.

      07 January 2014

    • Perfect gift idea - vouchers available for Daisy Birthing classes, Daisy Baby classes and Newborn and Birth workshops. A present with a difference. Contact me to purchase

      03 December 2013

    • 'Kallikids' for 20% off the next Active Birth Couples Workshop Saturday 30th November, 10-2, Pembury Village Hall. For mum to be and birth partner. A toolkit of natural techniques for labour & birth incl movement, breathing, relaxation & massage. £48

      05 November 2013

  4. Lazy Daisy Tunbridge Wells and Rother - Daisy Birthing Antenatal & Daisy Baby massage and yoga Timetable

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    • Daisy Baby:
      Christ Church, High St, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1UT
    • Daisy Baby Tinies: 10.00- 10.50
      Robertsbridge Youth Centre, The Grove, High St.

      Daisy Birthing: 7.30-8.50
      Hurst Green Primary School, London Rd, Hurst Green, E Sussex, TN19 7PN
    • Daisy Baby: Wrigglers: 10.00-10.50 Tinies: 11.15-12.05
      Dunks Hall, Rye Rd, Hawkhurst, Kent, TN18 4HF

      Daisy Birthing:
      Camden Centre, Market Square, Royal Victoria Place,Tunbridge Wells,TN1 2SW
    • Active Birth Couples Workshops run regularly. Enquire for dates.
      Places limited, booking essential.
    • COUPLES ACTIVE BIRTH WORKSHOP Sun 23rd March, 10.00-2.00. Enquire for details.
  5. Anna Hayes

    I have had a professional career as a Speech and Language Therapist for twenty years, but after having my own children I felt inspired to take a change of direction. I am passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and baby, and when I discovered the amazing classes offered by Lazy Daisy I knew that was what I wanted to do. I love seeing mums and babies bonding in Daisy Baby class, babies relaxed and often giggling, and mums leaving with confidence. And I think my background in speech, language and communication really enhances what I do now. Daisy Birthing classes really are amazing - if I had had the opportunity to take classes my two birth experiences would have been so different. I'm so lucky to be able to empower other women now.

    • Qualifications (3)
      • Daisy Baby 4th Trimester Educator
      • Teacher In Training Daisy Birthing Movement and Active Birth Educator
      • HABC Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work
    • Annual memberships (1)
      • Member of Health and Care Professions Council

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  • HABC Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Teacher In Training Daisy Birthing Movement and Active Birth Educator
  • Member of Health and Care Professions Council
  • Daisy Baby 4th Trimester Educator
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