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Ian Lowe Magic Show in Washington

  1. I have two shows that could be suitable for birthday parties. The Magic Party is the one where I do everything; you don't have to do anything, which relieves you of all the stress, allowing you to just enjoy the party. At the end you'll have a lot of happy kids who have been entertained in three different ways and who will each have a party bag and a twisted balloon model.

    The other parents will be impressed with the smooth running of your party and with the quality of the balloon models that most of them will never have seen before. Best of all, the birthday child will be happy because he/ she will be the star of the show, producing both a birthday card and a present by magic. Whether you are looking for a show to fill the whole two hours, or prefer to do the games yourself, I can definitely provide a suitable show.

    The Magic Party is 90 minutes but, if you feed the kids after the first hour, it will stretch out to two hours. The kids are entertained in three different ways which stops them becoming bored. I start with the magic, followed by games, which includes prizes and party bags, then you feed them while I start making large balloon models. Finally I finish off with more balloons so every child over the age of three, gets one. During the magic, I will make your child the star of two routines. In the first we produce a birthday card and, if you provide a small present wrapped up, I can produce this by magic when the birthday child waves the magic wand. This helps make it their special day. All of the kids are involved in the games and no-one is ever out, so they are always occupied. Because the prizes are all worth having, the kids will want to play.

    I provide all prizes and party bags so you don't need to spend your time searching the shops for something suitable. While you start feeding the kids, I make balloons. I make several multi-balloon models, including a special one for the birthday child. I have twisted with some of the world's top modellers and my balloons are probably the best you will have seen. The parents will talk about them for days. Because I am a full-time profession entertainer you can be confident that your event will go well and you will receive the credit from the other parents.

    So, the main benefits are: You don't have to do anything; there are good prizes that the kids will love winning; everyone goes home happy with a party bag and balloon model.

    Areas covered

    Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Northumberland.


    Balloon party, Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Games Party, Girls Brigade, Guides, Magic Party, Magician, Party Bags, Party entertainer, Rainbows, Scouts

    Pricing & Other Information

    The Magic Party is £155, including prizes and party bags.
    If you prefer a one hour show of magic and balloons £95
    The Magic Party shortened to one hour is £125 including prizes and party bags.

  2. Ian Lowe Magic Show has 3 reviews with an average of 4.8
    • Quality of Service 4.7
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 4.7
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Lisa, Mum to a son (7) and a daughter (4). Newcastle.

      My son wanted a party at home with a magician and a bouncy castle for his 7th birthday. I found Ian on the internet and he was brilliant, getting back to me straight away and agreeing to provide exactly what we wanted. The kids loved it! Ian kept 16, seven year old boys completely engaged with his magic show and balloon modelling for a good 45 minutes. Loads of the kids were involved in the magic and my son did a special magic trick with a present at the end. Ian made the most amazing balloon creations, including Roger Rabbit, Aliens and an Octopus! All the children got something and all of the parents were really impressed!

      Lisa 03 Jun 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Zak, Event organiser. Durham

      I booked Ian Lowe two years running to provide children's entertainment at a community event I organised. Ian came along and did a magic show and balloon modelling which kept the children very happy and entertained. Having Ian providing entertainment gave parents at the party reassurance that their children were taken care of and it was a very good idea to have him there. When I organised the event for the second year running the feedback I received from parents was that the children enjoyed the entertainment the previous year, so let's have the same again. Ian was very professional, communication was good and he delivered what he said he would.

      Zak 16 May 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Ann, Grandparent to Luca (6). Green Croft.

      Ian provided entertainment at my Grandson's 3rd and 6th birthday parties. He was very good with the children and told them lots of silly jokes which they all thought were absolutely hilarious! I felt the children were really comfortable with him and he provided great age-related magic entertainment. Ian made all of the children their own balloon model to take home at the end, some of them were amazing! Organising the party was very easy, we spoke on the phone and Ian called a few days before the party to confirm numbers. It all worked out really well. He did exactly what he said on the tin and all the children were very happy!

      Ann 14 May 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    Ian Lowe Magic Show has 3 reviews with an average of 4.8
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  3. Ian Lowe

    Ian was a demonstrator for Marvin's Magic.
    He has written columns for the International Brotherhood of Magicians and for
    Ian also wrote scripts for the Topper comic

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