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I-Star Academy in Shoreham by Sea

  1. i-star Academy prides itself in offering children and young adults the opportunity of participating in various activities in a safe, fun and productive environment.

    Rhythmic Gymnastics (4 years upwards)

    Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and precise of all the Olympic Sports. It is a combination of the dynamics and flexibility of gymnastics, the technical knowledge of ballet, and the self expression and rhythm of modern dance. Hand-eye co-ordination and body movement are developed through the use of hand apparatus such as rope, hoop, ball, clubs or ribbon. Routines are choreographed to music and are performed either individually or in groups. The rhythmic gymnastics routine is performed on a 13m x 13m carpeted floor area.

    The benefits of rhythmic gymnastics to girls in their formative years include physical fitness, positive discipline and self esteem, lasting friendships, team skills, fun and a healthy lifestyle that will remain with the gymnast for life.

    Performing Arts

    We offer a variety of dance and performing classes from age 2 upwards - please see our website for full details.  From Baby Ballet & Tap to Street Jazz to Contemporary.


    • We have been voted as a nominee in the KalliKids Best Sports Activity award 2015!

      02 October 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    We hold classes in Brighton, Shoreham and Steyning


    • Shoreham by Sea Shoreham Academy Kingston Lane Shoreham by Sea BN43 6YT
    • Steyning Steyning Church of England Primary School Shooting Field Steyning BN44 3RQ
    • Henfield Henfield Leisure Centre Northcroft Henfield BN5 9QB
    • Brighton Balfour Junior School Balfour Road Brighton BN1 6NE
    • Portslade Portslade Sports Centre Chalky Road Portslade BN41 2WS


    Ballet dancing classes, Contemporary Dance, Creative Dance, Gymnastics training, Hip Hop Dancing classes, Jazz dancing classes, Pop Dancing classes, Street Dance classes, Tap dancing classes, Theatre and drama classes

    Pricing & Other Information

    One hour class = £4.50 per class
    One and a half Hour class = £5.50 per class
    Two Hour Class = £6.00 per class
    All fees must be paid termly. Details of term dates and length are sent out with invoices.
    We offer sibling reductions across all aspects of i-star Academy as a standard 10% off final bill for all siblings

  2. I-Star Academy has 12 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 5.0
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Jennie, Mum of 3 girls (11, 9 and 7 years), Steyning

      All my girls go to I-Star Academy for dance, gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics, with the eldest having gone for nearly 5 years. There is such a nice atmosphere there and the club is so friendly and welcoming. My girls are always happy to go, and they have improved so much since attending. They are always very flexible and it's fantastic value for money

      Jennie 16 Jul 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Debbie, Mum of Three in Brighton

      All of my girls have been to I-Star Academy and done rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading, performing arts, and dance. Lucie has also been part of the dance group, Starlight, with the opportunity recently to dance at the O2 and Disneyland Paris. Kirstie also represented Great Britain in rhythmic gymnastics with Maria training her. I think the I-Star Academy is unique in its' welcoming approach to students - it is like a big family, and the coaches really nurture their relationships with the children and bring out the best in them, improving their confidence. They have also learnt very important life skills like teamwork, social skills, and learning not only to win but to lose as well. The fees are really reasonable, especially if they're doing more hours as you can get a reduced rate.

      Debbie 15 Jul 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Becca, Mum of Ellie (14) and Laura (12), Shoreham

      There are lots of things I love about I-Star Academy, but the most important aspects to me, are that it is like a big family and all the children are encouraged to shine. My girls both joined the club when they were 5 years old and have participated in all the classes over time - rhythmic gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading, international gym camps and performing arts workshops. It is a great group of parents, all the children get on well across the age ranges and act like a big family and Maria brings everyone together. A memorable moment was watching the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony at Maria's house with all the girls from the summer camp plus visiting students from abroad and the UK who were staying in our homes for the camp. The coaches include girls who used to come to class as children and who have come back, and the older girls in the club are also involved in coaching younger club members - it is such a lovely atmosphere. Maria encourages EVERYONE to perform, no matter what level they are and what confidence they have, and they all shine. My daughters have gained so much confidence from the opportunities they have gained - from competitions locally, nationally and internationally; and shows within the club, in the West End, the Indigo Rooms at the O2 and Disneyland Paris. I wish the club had its own venue but other than that i really cannot find any improvement. My daughters love it!

      Becca 15 Jul 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • David in Steyning

      Milly began with I-Star dance classes around 2 years ago and has developed into participating in national gym competitions. This has done wonders for her confidence. She has a whole new set of friends and gets to perform across the UK as well as Belgium and Disney. It has to rate 5/5!

      David 03 Jun 2015

    • Mum of 9 year old

      Really impressed with all aspects of I-Star Academy (Rhythmic Gymnastics) including quality of coaching, helping the girls to progress forward, and keeping it fun in the process. A really good balance. We travel over 50 miles round trip twice a week to attend, so it must be good!

      Karen 02 Jun 2015


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    I-Star Academy has 12 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Latest from I-Star Academy

    • We have been voted as a nominee in the KalliKids Best Sports Activity award 2015!

      02 October 2015

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