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Europe4KidsTours Ltd in London


    We create fun filled and captivating city vacations for you and your children in all the major cities in Europe and all over Italy! We want you to get on the plane, relax and sit back because you know we will take care of making your trip a big success with our scavenger hunts, our dynamic, child friendly guides and experts to replace fears and tears with enthusiasm and to awaken a passion and curiosity in your children’s hearts!Travel can be life changing if you have the right guide who will make you want to explore more, read more, travel more..

    Planning a Family Trip to Rome?

    Maximize your family time in one of the most fascinating cities in the world – ROMA!

    Our novelty: our stimulating Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt for Rome and the Divine Race for the Vatican – that make touring with us even more fun!

    • Are you wondering how to even start organizing an amazing trip for your family?
    • ..worried about your children’s attention span?
    • ..concerned your children will not be interested enough in history, art or the Italian culture?
    • …thinking of how to find the right guide and/or activities for your family????

    Have your own specialist guide take you through the Eternal city, the Vatican and more! Specialized tours for families with children – we also love catering to single parents and grandparents travelling with their grandchildren.

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    Rome, Italy


    • London International House 124 Cromwell Road London SW7 4ET


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    We cater for families with kids and small groups

  2. Europe4KidsTours Ltd has 3 reviews with an average of 5.0
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    • Laurence, Dad to triplets aged 13. California.

      I've taken two of my children on tours with Rome 4 Kids and I'm going back with my third during the coming year. Rome 4 Kids made touring much easier and far more interesting and productive for me as a parent. Arrangement and waiting times can impact and cost money - using Rome 4 Kids kept this to an absolute minimum. I used them for a total of six days - what we did in that time would have taken me at least ten days to do by myself. I think Rome 4 Kids is a great value proposition - I saved money by using them and what they gave me was priceless. My girls were intellectually engaged, entertained, and immeasurably enriched by the experience. I thought the general expertise and knowledge of the guides was fantastic - they tailor the guides to the age of the children and personalise them too, in our case speaking English and Argentinian Spanish with my children. Rome 4 Kids is one of the best tour companies I have ever used!

      Laurence 16 Nov 2015

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    • Marie, Grandparent to two grandchildren aged 8 and 11. California.

      The overall purpose of Rome 4 Kids is that it appeals to children, so touring at their level with nothing too sophisticated or overwhelming that they get bored. We were in Rome and did four different tours including,fun things like a pizza making tour, a mosaic making tour and gladiator school. All of the tour guides were very focused on the children. My granddaughter loved the mosaic making and my grandson's favourite was the Forum and Coloseum. It all worked out beautifully for us.

      Marie 03 Nov 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    • Linda, Mum to Andrew (16), Matthew (14) and Ethan (11). Boston.

      Rome 4 Kids made everything so easy - travelling can be stressful and with them, there was no stress. We had three different guides in three different cities - Rome, Florence and Pompeii - they were all excellent and engaged really well with the children. They knew what the children wanted to learn about and it really was a fabulous experience. The children liked that they could see the things they had learnt about at school in real life - it was amazing for them!

      Linda 29 Oct 2015

      The kallikids reputation
    Europe4KidsTours Ltd has 3 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Katja Hansel

    My name is Katja Hansel,

    the founder of Rome4KidsTours and Europe4KidsTours Ltd.

    Travel is my biggest passion, though, as a single mom it has always been an incredible challenge as no guides could ever be found who would create enriching cultural experiences but my very smart and curious little girl would switch off after a few minutes being bored! I could never find any guides who would be sensitive enough to the needs, interest and energy of my little girl. No one would make history comprehensive, inspiring & fun! So I had to step in and make it all come alive in simple words – that’s how this company was born! Out of the love for my own daughter and an understanding of how frustrating city travels with children can be.

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