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Each Peach Childcare in Hove

  1. Each Peach provides exceptional quality childcare and education for children from new babies through to five year olds in Hove, East Sussex. We offer a warm, safe and stimulating environment for the children to learn, explore and grow but also a family friendly service that exceeds expectations. We ensure the children have access to the best facilities, care and education; and with our high levels of customer care we give you confidence in building a partnership with the nursery in caring for your children. We include extras (within the all-inclusive fees) such as:

    • extended opening hours
    • home cooked nutritionally balanced meals
    • a laundry scheme
    • nappies, bottles and formula milk

    There are additional bolt-on ideas such as pre-ordered lunch boxes for siblings to take on to school, all in place to make life a little easier!

    The early years are so important in a child’s life, to lay firm foundations for future learning. Each Peach Childcare will develop a strong partnership with you to ensure we offer the best start to your child.

    Each child will have a learning journey which will record their development and experiences while they are with us. We understand that caring for such young children is a privilege and to involve you as the primary carer is paramount. By adding your input in to the learning journey through our ‘wow’ certificates as well as comments and feedback within the daily sheets/diary we can strengthen the crucial home/nursery partnership.

    All of the nappies your child requires while they are with us will be provided together with wipes and Sudocream. We also have a laundry service which means that any of your child’s clothes that get a little mucky at nursery will be washed and returned clean which is all inclusive in the fees.

    Health and well-being

    Together with their enjoyment of the healthy balanced meals and snacks offered throughout the day at nursery (see Food) we want to look after the health and wellbeing of all the children in our care. That is why we actively promote healthy choices such as outdoor play, simple hygiene routines and cooking activities.

    The outdoors will be accessed by all the children throughout the day – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” Did you know that rickets is on the increase and a lot of young children are lacking in Vitamin D, and that this key vitamin which helps to keep bones strong comes from sunlight?

    As well as supporting the children with hand washing and hair brushing, all the children (babies from 6 months) will have their own toothbrushes to encourage independence and routine of their own personal hygiene. All of this combined will encourage lifestyle choices that will remain with them into their adulthood.


    The key to a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy balanced diet. We provide breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks for the children which is all home cooked, nutritionally balanced and includes a variety of different flavors and recipes. We also cater for any allergy, dietary or religious needs.

    Our menus cater for the growing child’s nutritional needs, using simple, locally sourced (whenever possible) ingredients to create traditional family favourites. We feel sure this will encourage and promote healthy choices that will remain with the child throughout their adult life. Menus can be adapted to meet the needs of any allergy or dietary/medical/cultural requirement your child may have.

    • Each Peach now offer Spanish lessons on a Monday, all included in the fees!

      09 July 2015 - More announcements

    Areas covered

    We are based in Hove, East Sussex.

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    • Hove Each Peach Childcare 42 Wilbury Villas Hove BN3 6GD


    Day Care, Nursery

    Pricing & Other Information

    Weekly attendance ranges between £224.95 - £252.00 per week dependent on age.
    Daily attendance ranges between £47.30- £51.50 per week dependent on age.
    Sessional attendance ranges between £23.65- £28.00 per week dependent on age.

    Fees are fully inclusive of milk formula, nappies and meals. Fees are payable monthly in advance by cash, cheque or BACs.

  2. Each Peach Childcare has 9 reviews with an average of 5.0
    • Quality of Service 5.0
    • Value for Money 4.9
    • What the Kids Think 5.0
    • What the Adults Think 5.0


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    • Tess, Mum of 2 Year Old, Hove

      We've been using Each Peach since it opened at the beginning of this year. We were very nervous about choosing nursery care and they did everything possible to make this a smooth transition for us. They were so kind to me during the settling in period, and let me hang around the staff room, and then brought me picutres to show how happy he was! They really went the extra mile. The staff are so friendly, helpful and professional and you really feel that they care for your child. Its also really economical as all wipes etc are all included and I think its fabulous they serve proper food to the children and not just sandwiches etc - and this is all included!

      Tess 13 Jun 2013

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    • Samirah, Mum of 11 month old Son, Hove

      My son has been going to Each Peach Nursery for two months now and I'm so happy with the service they provide. It is economical as the price includes all the nappies, formula and food (they use the same formula and bottles that parents use at home) - the food there is wonderful - freshly cooked every day and the menu is constantly updated. The staff are so friendly and really work closely with you to ensure you and your child are happy. As soon as I initially spoke to them on the phone I felt good about the place as they were so welcoming. The environment is great as its brand new as are all the toys. They have a free taster session to enable you, and your child, to get comfortable there before they actually start and they even emailed me photos of my son during the day for the first couple of weeks! They complete a form every day so I know how he's got on during the day and the staff are fabulous are communicating with you - they make the effort to get to know you and your child. After my son started, we realised that Kate had looked after me when I was at nursery so everything has gone full circle!

      Sam 12 Jun 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • Katy, Mum of 2 Daughters (4 & 2 years), Hove

      My younger daughter has been going to Each Peach Nursery since February and is really happy there – she would certainly let me know if she wasn’t! I like the nicely defined areas for different age groups and the stimulating activities they provide for the children to take part in. They also have lovely indoor and outdoor environments. The best thing for us is the staff who are mature and well experienced. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, and have already done so – in fact my friend’s son has just completed his taster session!

      Katy 11 Jun 2013

      The kallikids reputation
    • L & S (KH).

      Our son has joined Each Peach Childcare almost a year ago. Since Each Peach Childcare has employed Nathan a month ago, progress has been made, noticed and acknowledged !

      Nathan has brought energy, wonder and happiness to our son. In the last month, our son has transformed! His enthusiasm for learning has been amazing to see.

      He is now courageous, confident and extremely happy.

      We believe that is down to Nathan's wonderful influence and fantastic teaching.

      Thank you !

      Loay 12 Aug 2015

    • Hazel, Mum in Brighton

      Amazing management team: dedicated / happy / enthusiastic / fun staff in every room. My son LOVES it at nursery. We've never had a single complaint or worry. I recommend it to people all of the time.

      Hazel 20 Oct 2014


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    Each Peach Childcare has 9 reviews with an average of 5.0
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  3. Latest from Each Peach Childcare

    • Each Peach now offer Spanish lessons on a Monday, all included in the fees!

      09 July 2015

  4. Each Peach Childcare Timetable

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    Please note: Morning session runs from 7.45am - 1pm and includes breakfast (available until 9.00am), snacks and lunch.

    Afternoon session runs from 1.00pm - 6.15pm and includes tea and snacks.
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  5. Each Peach Team

    Kate Peach

    Owning my own nurseries has always been my ultimate dream. Starting my childcare journey as a Nanny in New York in 1991 I returned to the UK and was overjoyed to gain my first role as a childcare practitioner in a nursery. I later joined Early Years Childcare which was a leading childcare chain and during my 20 years service worked my way up from Practitioner to Team Leader, to Deputy, to Nursery Manager and then on to their head office as Training Manager, Quality and Development Director until 2009 when I became the Managing Director. I have spent my career working and making links with some of the industries most amazing teams and absolutely loved the challenges of running a fantastic group of nurseries that prioritised high quality childcare and outstanding opportunities for staff.

    At the beginning of 2012 I began the second leg of my career having set up my own consultancy company, Peacharno Consulting, supporting and developing other childcare establishments. This has taken me to over 100 different settings and has resulted in finding my own first site. I have two children and have witnessed as a parent first-hand the benefits of expert quality care.

    Turning my dream into a reality it is important that my strong beliefs in child focused care, passion for excellence and customer focus is upheld as well as offering opportunity for staff to work within a friendly, inspirational and progressive environment is essential. I feel strongly that the outstanding team we have on board are all working towards the same goal and we look forward to meeting lots of new families as we begin the journey of Each Peach Childcare.

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