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Looking for something to get the children active?  Catch-a-balls is just the thing.  Our sessions for children from 18 months are physical, exciting and fun.  Catch-a-balls is all about getting children enthusiastic about movement, catching and throwing.  Your first session is free so you and your child can come along to find out all about us.

We will be practicing our chest and overhead passes with lovely, large, soft nim ball, while tennis balls and bean bags are ideal to swing our tick tock arms with to do an underarm throw.  At Catch-a-balls we encourage everyone to enjoy their success so we ensure that all the children have targets that challenge them but are also achievable so everyone can clap and cheer.

Meanwhile everyone will be trying out some catching, whether stationary or on the move with balloons and scarves.  This really encourages children to combine skills without realising it. 

As well as working on hand eye co ordination we really enjoy movement games.  Everyone is always enthusiastic to row and boat, walk the plank and salute the captain in our Ship Ahoy game.  Additionally the range of beans in our Bean Game, is quite impressive; Mexican beans, Chile Beans and French Beans are firm favourites.

The classes are split into three age groups:

Club BOING - 18 months to 2½ yrs,

Club BOUNCE - 2½ yrs to 3½ yrs

Club CATCH - 3½ yrs to school age.

Club Boing is all about experimenting using scarves, balloons and getting to grips with our super soft nim balls - which can be nearly as big as the children.  Activities tend to be about exploration, so the youngsters can gain confidence catching a moving object and managing their feet.

Club Bounce is more structured; we focus on specific throws and ask the children to stand or move in a particular way.  So, the children will learn their under arm throw, over arm throw and chest pass.  Everyone is encouraged to challenge themselves.   

The oldest class, Club Catch, is an independent class, encouraging children to take turns and play games with their peers.  We follow the National Early Year Foundation Stage so your child can build confidence in activities that will support them in nursery and school.  For full details of the classes please look at www.catch-a-balls.co.uk.


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