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Athena Tuition Ltd. in London

  1. Athena Tuition is a private home tuition agency based in Greater London, connecting experienced home tutors from primary school through to university level to people who need their services.

    Additionally, tutoring for specific examinations such as the 11+ and 13+ Common entrance examinations, the Oxbridge interview process and medical school examinations are also areas in which we can help your child.

    We can provide Russell group university tutors, qualified school teachers and tutors who come to us with existing tutoring experience depending on the specific needs of the student. 

    We do not charge a registration fee.

    Areas covered

    We serve the Greater London Region (within the M25)


    • London 11 Frognal London NW3 6AL


    11+, A Levels, Acting party, Anatomy tutors, Art tutors, AS Levels tutors, Biology tutors, Business Studies tutors, Caribean Culture tutors, Chemistry tutors, Child Development, Chinese tutors, Common Entrance tutors, Dyslexia, Economics tutors, Education Psychology, English tutors, Fashion design, French tutors, GCSE tutors, General school improvement tutors, Geography tutors, German tutors, Grammar, Greek tutors, History tutors, Information Computing Technology (IT, ICT), Italian tutors, KS2 English, KS2 Maths, Latin tutors, Literacy tutors, Maths tutors, Media Studies tutors, Music, Music History tutors, Music Theory tutors, Philosophy tutors, Physics tutors, Polish tutors, Primary tutors, Private School Entrance Prep tutors, Pronounciation tutors, Psychology tutors, Punctuation, Reading tutors, Religion tutors, Russian tutors, Science tutors, Spanish tutors, Spelling, Spelling tutors, Theatre Studies, Tutors agency/school, US SAT tutors, Verbal reasoning tutors, Writing tutors

    Pricing & Other Information

    Please contact us for more information.

  2. Athena Tuition Ltd. has 4 reviews with an average of 4.7
    • Quality of Service 4.8
    • Value for Money 4.5
    • What the Kids Think 4.8
    • What the Adults Think 4.8


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    • Nathalie, Mum to Tara (10) and Vita (8). London.

      Nelson is my point of contact at Athena Tuition. He is very honest, clever, sensitive and emotionally intelligent so the tutors he finds are really good and the best fit for my children and their education. The feedback I get is really good and tells me what we need to do to progress in a holistic way working as a team with Athena Tuition. The tuition my children have is mostly Maths and English and varies according to what they need at the time. My son is much more confident now and he looks forward to his tuition sessions. Also, Nelson has gone above and beyond by helping me select schools for my children too.

      Nathalie 11 Dec 2014

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    • Marium, Mum to Syed (10). Hildenborough

      I interviewed quite a lot of tutors when looking for a tutor to help prepare my Son for the Grammar School 11+ exams. I chose Athena Tuition as their tutors had experience of the Grammar School system. The tutors were very nice, co-operative and keen to teach. When we needed any extra help they were always there. My Son really liked their style of teaching which was very interactive. He had three different tutors who specialised in their own subjects which was really good.

      Marium 21 Nov 2014

      The kallikids reputation
    • Eppie, Mum to daughter (13). Kensington.

      I used Athena Tuition to find a mathematics tutor for my daughter. I booked Joe for three, two hour sessions. Joe was very professional, amiable and polite. He went over things in a very methodical manner and had a good sense of timing when breaks were needed. Joe also encouraged my daughter to participate and was interested in how she was learning. As my daughter was studying for the first time in English the tutoring she received was a good transition to approach the subject. I was very pleased with Joe, he was a good role model and had very broad knowledge.

      Eppie 12 Nov 2014

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    • Mum, to Son (11) London.

      I used Athena Tuition to find a teacher for my son to provide support for his school entrance exams. All the teachers are screened by Athena and I chose a teacher who I thought would be good with my son. The teacher I choose connected well with my son. He was very natural with him and gave lots of encouragement and praise. The teacher came to our house for the lessons and gave us consistent feedback, which was very important. Any problems were taken care of quickly.

      Caori 05 Nov 2014

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    Athena Tuition Ltd. has 4 reviews with an average of 4.7
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