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Act Too aim to provide first class training in the performing arts disciplines of Acting, Singing and Dance. However we also recognise the importance of performance experience and so we regularly work towards full scale productions in addition to our annual showcase presentation.

While our format is no longer unique, we were one of the first to offer this balance of theory and practical training in our immediate academy locations. We have locations in Horsham and Haywards Heath branches with more opening soon.

  • Each run from 09.00 to 12.45 on Saturday mornings
  • Each acadmey is split into three groups of upto 30 students [Overtures, Entre Acte's & Finale's]
  • Each group gets three taught sessions per week [Acting, Singing and Dance]
  • Many live performance opportunities per year!
  • Graduate scheme coving all three disciplines not just drama
  • London performance and audition opportunities
  • Principals club offering many further professional development choices

Act Too always welcome new applications and we see new intake throughout the year rather than at specific times.



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Key Contact
Sarah Milton

07905 377046




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