Sophie, Sewing and Dance in Brighton

Meet Sophie, learning Sewing and Dance with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Sophie

Age: 9 Years old

Skill learning: Sewing and Dance

Sponsor:  Sewing with Sew Fabulous and Dance with Dance Brighton Dance (Both in Brighton).

About Sophie: Sophie has won two places this year! She lives in Hove.



Updates on Sophie's progress in her sponsored Sewing and Dance classes

Sophie is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Sewing with Sew Fabulous and Dance with Dance Brighton Dance (Both based in Brighton) and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (date:13/1/16)

Over the past period Sophie has had great fun, finding new friends and gaining new skills. Sophie finds it more easily to initiate social contact and share with others. The biggest challenge for Sophie has been the rain! Sophie made her 1st rucksack and achieved level 1 award in street dance. In the upcoming period, Sophie would like to perform in the Dome.




Update from Mum (date:7/8/15)

Sophie attended every lesson once per week. Sophie really enjoyed doing sewing because it shows Sophie new techniques which she can use at home. Sophie made her very first trousers and pillow. It looks great. Furthermore Sophie loves street dance because she can work in group to make amazing dance routines. She would like to take her firs exam in a dance soon.


Sophie interacts well with adults as well as with her peer. She found new friends, who are kind and supportive unlike in her school.The challenge for Sophie was feeling happier and more comfortable in new environments as she is the only child in our one parent family. There is not much opportunity to socialise as all of her family and friends live far far away.


Sophie leant new sewing techniques using sewing machine and dance movements. Sophie feels more confident in group activities and happy with who she is. Sophie hopes to develop substantial dancing and sewing skills to use in future life.


Update from Mum (date:27/6/15)

Sophie has been attending her classes every week. Sophie loves dancing and sewing. Sophie made her first pillow as attached picture in early update. Sophie feels more happier as she has more opportunity to make new friends who are nice.


The biggest difficulty for Sophie is that there is not easy transport from cottesmore to London road as there is not direct bus and close bus stop. Over the next period she is hoping to find some nice friend, enjoy her the activities and feel happy with her achievements.  


Update from Mum (date:27/4/15)

I am so pleased for Sophie. It was amazing news for us. Sophie has struggled over the past two years and we are hoping joining these groups will help with her confidence.  


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