Millie, Performing Arts in Kingswood

Meet Millie, learning Performing Arts with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Millie

Age: 7 Years old

Skill learning: Performing Arts

Sponsor:  Top Hat Stage School in Kingswood

About Millie: Millie is a very confident girl. She loves music and performing arts. 



Updates on Millie's progress in her sponsored Performing Arts classes

Millie is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Performing Arts with Top Hat Stage School in Kingswood and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (date: 16/12/15)

Millie's been attending her classes every Friday. She's really enjoyed singing and seeing her friends. Millie is developing huge confidence which can disguise any sensitivities (she is 8, there are lots!) Through Top Hat and Kallikids, Millie has joined a talent agency and got a role in the Help To Buy ISA advert. This was her first audition and her first job!


Over the past period she's learnt how to sing and dance at the same time confidently. Over the next period she's hoping to build on this skill. 



Update from Mum (date: 8/9/15)

Except for through the Summer holidays, Millie has been to her classes every Friday. Millie loves Top Hat! She has spent her holidays singing and dancing her way through and watching musicals. She is gaining huge amounts of confidence.


Millie attended the Top Talent Agency workshop at the Dominion Theatre in August and won a place on the agency books, we could not be any prouder! Her sister has many behavioural challenges and complex needs which has been hard for Millie, she has been able to "escape" into her own world. Over the last period she has enjoyed perfecting cartwheels and splits. Over the next period we hope for her to progress in happiness and confidence, Millie is a very sensitive girl and this has been a wonderful boost for her self esteem.




Update from Mum (date: 7/8/15)

Over the last month Millie has been twice as the show was on 4th Julythen Top Hat finished for Summer Holidays.Millie absolutely loves Top Hat! She has made wonderful friends and is certain that she wants to be famous when she is older!Millie is gaining more confidence, she shone at the show! Her biggest challenge has been learning new dance moves while singing. Millie is developing new drama and singing techniques, improving each week.



Update from Mum (date: 4/7/15)

Millie has been attending her Performing Arts Classes every Friday aswell as rehearsals. She's most enjoyed learning for her drama piece and of course getting ready for her big show tonight! She is now more confident and her dance moves are so much better. The biggest challenge for us has been getting to the class on time with my other children! Over the last period she's really improved at her dancing moves, acting and singing. Practising lines has also become easier for Millie. She is still telling me how she was born to dance and sing! Millie will be attending an audition workshop at the Dominion Theatre in the summer holidays that she is very excited about!



Update from Mum (date: 14/4/15)

Millie has already attended a few Top Hat classes and absolutely loves it. She is a very confident little lady who tells us "music is my life"!!!! She is now practising for the big show in July and I am so looking forward to showing her musicals that her numbers are from. The kids are all welcoming as well. We really cannot thank you all enough for this opportunity especially as it gives her a chance to really be herself and not just a young carer or a big sister.

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