Matilda, Yoga in Shoreham

Meet Matilda, learning Yoga with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Matilda

Age: 8 months old

Skill learning: Yoga

Sponsor:  Mitchy Titch in Shoreham

About Matilda: Matilda lives in Shoreham beach. She's not yet crawling but excited about her new Yoga classes!



Updates on Matilda's progress in her sponsored  Yoga classes

Matilda is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be taking Yoga classes with Mitchy Titch in Shoreham and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (Date: 8/10/15)

A new term at Titchy Mitch and it's very much more focused on relaxation and the mums as well as the babies. Tilly loves the fun songs and because the yoga is quite tactile, she enjoys sitting on my lap and having a cuddle while we do it together. The lovely Naomi plays with the chudten for 10 minutes while we relax and it's so relaxing! I'm really enjoying the bonding time with Tilly as at most baby 'groups' it's very noisy and Tilly is off doing her thing.


She finds it hilarious that I'm bonding with her and making her do funny poses!
It does seem to chill Tilly out so once it's my turn to do some stretching abs relaxing, she wants to have a cuddle and join in! A challenge but a nice one.
Tilly is becoming more interactive with the songs. She is quite clingy so the scarves, toys and bubble machine really distract her.
It's just a lovely little class to do together. It's calm, small and a bit different to the usual baby groups. So looking forward to lots more.




Update from Mum (Date: 22/7/15)

Tilly has just had her first visit to MitchyTitch. She loved being able to do yoga with me, like a 'big girl'. It was a lovely combination of playing, stretching, singing and a lovely bonding experience. And she had a nice long nap afterwards. An achievement for the child that doesn't usually sleep.


We have only just started but I noticed she really engaged with the singing and games. I am hoping to improve her concentration and relax her, will keep you posted on that. The yoga is structured yet fun. I found it surprisingly relaxing. I can be a bit uptight (sleep deprivation eh!) and I found I felt supported and calm. Naomi makes it a positive and encouraging environment.


The biggest challenge for Tilly is that She tends to get easily distracted and wants to do her own thing. But being a mummy's girl, she is loving us doing something together. She was quite shy and had a 'Tilly tantrum' at the start but after some toys and reassurance, she curiously started to play with the other children and we have found she us actually quite flexible, which was a nice surprise.


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