Maja, Dance in Bournemouth

Meet Maja, learning Dance with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Maja

Age: 5 years old

Skill learning: Dance

Sponsor: Prompt Corner Academy of Dance in Bournemouth

About Maja: Maja lives in Bournemouth and is very happy to be chosen as a Sponsored Child. 



Updates on Maja's progress in her sponsored Dance classes

Maja is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Dance with Prompt Corner Acadey of Dance in Bournemouth and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (Date: 7/1/16)

She enjoys every lesson with Kate. Before Christmas Maja was watching older girls and she was admire them. She loves stretching, jumping and clapping. She is ready to move on to the other class and she would like to continue the ballet or dance classes.




Update from Mum (Date: 25/5/15)

Maja is very happy when she is there. She has decided to draw her friends during dance and I didn't expect how important is that class for her. I attached her picture because I cant stop looking at their feet! She is very open child and I think she feel much better now because she has new friends.


I think she has no problems to work with other children. She always wanted to do something quick, she had to learn to dance slowly and body language is the most important and sometimes she is impatient. I think she started being like a little princess, walking like the princess, singing and dancing in the same time. She wasn't very girly, usually she played with boys but now she is more sensitive. She can't wait to show me her performance and she is excited already.



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