Joshie, Dance in Bournemouth

Meet Joshie, learning Dancing with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Joshie

Age: 4 Years old

Skill learning: Dancing

Sponsor:  Prompt Corner Academy of Dance in Bournemouth

About Joshie: Joshie will start school in September. He is very confident and loves to dance.



Updates on Joshie's progress in his sponsored Dancing classes

Joshie is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be taking dancing classes with Prompt Corner Academy of Dance in Bournemouth and you can see how much he progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (Date:7/10/15)

Joshie is over the moon to be back at Prompt Corner after the summer break. He's pleased to see his dancing friends again and seems to be coping well juggling it with starting school!! Joshie loved being in the summer show and asks me when the next one will be every time we walk past the Pavilion Theatre! He loves using the new barre in the studio and is looking forward to learning new skills over the coming term.


I'm always amazed by how much Joshie remembers from lesson to lesson. He always joins in and is thrilled to see his ballet friends. I thought Joshie might be tired or change his mind about ballet classes during the long summer break or after starting school but he is coping really well with it all. We have to rush to get to lessons now but he's always so keen to get in there! Joshie is able to recall sequences of movements and his coordination is improving. He is very strong and flexible, which is becoming more apparent as he learns new movements. Continue learning and enjoying his brilliant ballet lessons at Prompt Corner!




Update from Mum (Date:13/8/15)

Josh recently took part in his very first ballet show, 'When I Grow Up,' at Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth. He went on stage full of confidence and wasn't distracted at all by the audience or the theatre. Big smiles all the way through. He was excited to perform alongside the whole dance school and enjoyed watching all the dances. He is already asking when the next show will be!


I was impressed with how Josh handled the discipline of the dance show and how happy he was going off with the chaperones to wait to perform. He was very well behaved and listened carefully to all of the instructions. The only thing he wouldn't do it take his costume off at the end so he wore his bow tie and cummerbund all the way home! Although he doesn't show it, I think Josh is getting nervous about starting school. The familiarity and fun of his sponsored dance classes as well as the discipline will be a help!


Josh showed great control and coordination in his show. He is developing his musicality and showed he was able to learn and recall choreography and work with his peers. Over the next period he's hoping to achieve more of the more of the same with regards to the classes - he is loving them - and I'm sure he'll be dropping some heavy hints about taking part in another show!!!



Update from Mum (Date:26/5/15)

Joshie definitely enjoys the social aspect of his class and seems to get on well with the little ballerinas! He will often tell me things he has learnt: "Mummy, boys bow and girls curtsey at the end of their dance," and he is looking forward to taking part in his very first show in July.


 I thought Joshie would have trouble taking instruction and listening, as he's a little chatterbox, especially when enthusiastic about something! But he is getting on well, which shows he is enjoying it! He has been skipping, jumping, turning, moving to music, pointing his toes and learning a dance for the upcoming show.


I hope Joshie will continue to enjoy learning to dance. I want him to make new friends, learn a new skill and listen and take instruction - it will be good practise for starting school in September!


Update from Mum (Date:14/4/15)

We are looking forward to Josh's year at Prompt Corner and are really grateful he has been awarded this scholarship. He's always been interested in dancing from when he used to watch his big sister at baby ballet classes and try to join in, but we'd never really pursued it. This scholarship will give him the opportunity to give ballet a proper try and it's a great chance for him to mix with other children and learn new skills at a real turning point in his life - the year he starts school. Joshie is a very confident and outgoing little boy and these classes will give him a chance to socialise with a new group of friends (/audience!) with the structure, discipline and control of dance. He is a chatty, energetic boy who loves to dance so it will be great to see how his interest and ability grows over the next 12 months with Prompt Corner. He's got his kit and can't wait to get started!

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