Isobel, Music in hove

Meet Isobel, learning Performing Arts with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Isobel

Age: 10 months old

Skill learning: Music

Sponsor: Music Bugs Classes in Brighton

About Isobel: Isobel doesn't go to school yet and lives in Southwick. She's very excited to be starting classes at Music Bugs! 



Updates on Isobel's progress in her sponsored Music classes

Isobel is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning music with Music Bugs in Hove and you can see how much she progresses over the year.


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 Update From Mum: 11/1/16

Isobel loved the new dinosaur hand puppets this week as I don't think she's seen anything like them before, and she also enjoyed the new xylophone which has a whole octave! Isobel is making friends with the little girl we sit next to and her new friend is helping her to go up to collect the toys and instruments by offering to hold her hand.


Isobel is still reluctant to go up to get things by herself and insists I go with her, and she sometimes stands back from the activities and watches. Isobel likes to do some of the actions with help now, kicking legs, clapping and standing up/sitting down. Building confidence, joining in more and hopefully doing some of the actions by herself. 



 Update From Mum: 6/10/15

Isobel has now "graduated" from the baby class to the toddler class! The older class obviously has lots more energy and movement, so I'm hoping this will encourage her to join in more. She likes the music and she also loves the hand puppets. Isobel is very interested in watching the other children in the class and what they are doing.


Isobel is still quite shy in the group, I can see her battling - her curiosity makes her want to investigate the toys and instruments but she doesn't quite feel ready to go up by herself. This week, however, she did go and get a puppet that someone else had dropped! Isobel now recognises some of the songs, and if you catch her in the right mood she will start dancing!I would really love to see Isobel joining in with some of the actions and becoming brave enough to get her own toys and instruments.



 Update From Sponsor: 6/10/15

Isobel has taken the big step of moving from our Baby Bugs class to the Family Bugs class. She is walking now so it's a great time for her to move into the class with more movement and independence. Isobel is now working on her confidence to come and pick her own instruments and puppets instead of having them given to her.


I'm looking forward to watching her grow and develop as she watches the bigger children in the class and finds her feet. Isobel has missed a few classes so it's been hard for her to have a continuous run at the classes to get settled. She's learnt the structure of the classes and has picked up the songs we do more regularly. We're hoping that in the next period she'll achieve the independence and start joining in with more movement activities.




 Update From Mum: 24/6/15



I really love the different themes each week that the songs, activities and toys are centred around - it gives an extra dimension to the class. Izzy loves the musical instruments that she's allowed to hold herself, and the bubble machine - she can't quite work out why she can't pick up the bubbles!


Izzy has been a bit shy about joining in when the babies do group activities in the centre, but she has started to interact more with the people either side of us. I've been surprisingly self-conscious about singing in front of the group, I think because I don't all the words yet and keep clapping in the wrong place whilst trying to do the actions!


Izzy is very good at shaking the instruments now and listening to the sound they make as she now realises that it is her making the sounds. Izzy has just started walking, so I'm hoping that this increased mobility will encourage her to move around the class more now rather than just sitting on my lap.


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