Isaac, Swimming in Sussex

Meet Isaac, learning Swimming with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Swimming

Age: 4 years old

Skill learning: Swimming

Sponsor: Puddle Ducks in Sussex.

About Isaac: Isaac lives in St.Leonards on Sea. He's very excited to be starting swimming classes. 



Updates on Isaac's progress in his sponsored Swimming classes

Isaac is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning Swimming with Puddle Ducks and you can see how much he progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (6/10/15)

Isaac's attended classes once a week over the last month. This has been a difficult period for Isaac, with his grandmother passing away, as well as the normal craziness associated with starting at school! This has been a great time for Isaac to have fun and do something he really enjoys when life has been more challenging.


Isaac continues to make friends at Puddleducks, enjoying the time with the other children - and often being a total monkey with his friends in the changing room after class! Isaac has found concentrating on lessons hard recently - lots going on, as well as a host of travelsick/car issues meaning we haven't been able to make the whole class. However, his lessons have been great, and Vicky, his teacher, is great at communicating with him at the level he's at.


Isaac has made a MASSIVE breakthrough for him - he's got over his fear of going underwater! This is an incredible acheivement for him - and the smile on his face at his acheivement nearly made me cry! Isaac's slowly getting more adventurous and we're hoping he keeps building up his confidence in the water. He's very near swimming - if only we can get him to realise it!


Update from Mum (18/6/15)

Isaac's just loved all of his classes! I think for him, knowing his own skills are developing is a big thing, and he loves all the games at Puddle Ducks - they're so good at making learning fun, he's coming on in leaps and bounds without even realising it!


Isaac's making new friends and really looks forward to seeing his swimming friends and his teacher, Vicky. Isaac's biggest challenge has been getting his face in the water - was so proud of him for managing it a couple of weeks ago! Isaac's been taking part in lots of games and activities to increase his confidence in the water.


He's beginning to take his first tiny strokes by himself, and now enjoys jumping into the water and splashing about - something he was terrified of when he first started! I'd love to see Isaac increase his confidence in the water, and keep developing his skills. The added bonus about Puddle Ducks is that it's given me great ideas for how to encourage him when we go swimming - just brilliant!  


Update from Mum (24/4/15)

I just thought I'd tell you much Isaac loved his first Puddleducks swimming lesson! Sitting watching the lesson before him, he felt very nervous. Once in the pool, he was a different child! He tells me he loved the games the most. As his mum, and knowing he struggles with co-ordination and confidence, my highlight was hearing him announce, rather surprised, 'mummy! I'm good at this!' Attached is a picture of him straight after the lesson giving it a definite thumbs up verdict. He didn't want to get out of the pool! Huge thanks to KalliKids and Puddleducks for this amazing opportunity for him.


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