Freddie, Martial Arts in Buckinghamshire

Meet Freddie, learning Martial Arts with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Freddie

Age: 5 years old

Skill learning: Martial Arts

Sponsor: ZKS Martial Arts School in Buckinghamshire.

About Freddie: Freddie is currently Red Belt. He is excited to be joining the same club as his brother. 



Updates on Freddie's progress in his sponsored Martial Arts classes

Freddie is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. He'll be learning Martial Arts with ZKS Martial Arts School in Buckinghamshire and you can see how much he progresses over the year.


Update from Mum (8/12/15)

Freddie loves his classes of karate and he loves the fact that his brother does it with him. Freddie seems a lot more confident in himself and he enjoys having the same hobbie as his brother, which has made their bond stronger.


I think the physical challenge is the biggest thing freddie has had to deal with, but he seems to be dealing with it better now and loves going every week. Freddie has learnt many different moves and enjoys showing me them after every class. He has a mini grading on the13th of Decemberand is hoping to pass it, which will go toward his main grading next year.


Update from Mum (8/9/15)

Freddie attends once a week on a Saturday. Freddie is a very active child, so this has given him the opportunity to do something he loves with his big brother. He is becoming more confident around other children and loves being able to do a sport with his brother who is currently a blue belt.


I feel the biggest challenge for freddie has been that he was a shy child that lacked in confidence but this has bought him out of himself and he is growing in confidence every time he goes. He has learned lots of different moves and enjoys sparring with his big brother. Over the next period he is hoping to go up in his belts.


Update from Mum (20/4/15)

Freddie's brother George already attends zks martial arts club and is currently a red belt and Freddie has always wanted to join his brother at his club as he loves watching George at his mini/and main gradings. He is so excited to be given this opportunity to be able to attend the same club as George and perhaps one day be a black belt.
Freddie is one of four children and both his older brothers attend clubs but with karate being an expensive hobbie, it was only really possible for us to afford for George to do it but this has given Freddie the possibility of starting a hobbie that he will hopefully love as much as his brother does.

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