Ellen, Cooking in High Wycombe


Meet Ellen, learning Cookery with Sponsored Child 2015




Name: Ellen

Age: 9 Years old

Skill learning: Cookery

Sponsor:  Beverley Glock Cookery School in Hertfordshire

About Ellen: Ellen attends St Johns C of E Primary School. She is very excited to be starting cookery classes and wants to know why she couldn't start straight away! 



Updates on Ellen's progress in her sponsored Cookery classes

Ellen is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning cookery with Beverley Glock Cookery School in Hertfordshire and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



Update from Mum (Date: 21/1/16)

Ellen really looked forward to going back to Beverly's cooking class after the Christmas break. She had attended an extra Ginger Bread workshop over the holidays and made the tastiest Christmas pudding we had ever had! She has made new friends and is now helping the new younger members of the class.


Update from Mum (Date: 8/12/15)

Ellen has enjoyed trying all the new recipes at Beverly's cooking School and making new friends.Trying all the new recipes has definitely made a difference to Ellen's eating habits.


She is very keen to try cooking her own meals and has mastered Pasta Tuna bake and Spaghetti peas and sausages! She eats all the new food and is a lot more willing to try. She has settled in well with no real problems.


Over the next period we're hoping for Ellen to keep trying and enjoying even more new food's, and to make a Yule Log for Christmas!


Update from Mum (Date: 6/10/15)

Ellen was looking forward to going back to cooking after the summer break. She has tried all the new recipes and will practice them at home.Over the summer holiday Ellen was determined to start cooking her own meals. She can now create a bowl of spaghetti, sausage and peas all by herself. Ellen entered her fairy cakes into two local fetes. One being judged by Paul Hollywood!


 Her biggest challenge is to try new and exotic food. Over the last period she's developed the confidence to cook on her own. Over the next period she's hoping to achieve an ever widening choice of foods to taste and enjoy. 


Update from Mum (Date: 9/9/15)

Although we have not attended any classes over the summer Ellen has continued to cook at home and has started cooking her own tea of pasta, peas and sausages. She also entered fairy cakes into the local fete, judged by Paul Hollywood!! unfortunately they didn't get a prize, but "were very nice cakes" We are trying again this week so hope for better results. She has a greater interest in trying new foods. Her biggest challenge is eating Miso soup at a friends for tea! but she tried it. Ellen is really looking forward to getting back to cooking this Saturday.


Update from Mum (Date: 31/5/15)

Ellen is really enjoying Cookery School. Her eating habits have become more and more restricted over the past few years and being in a fun environment away from home is giving her the opportunity to try new food which she has prepared herself. So far everything has been tried and almost all eaten completely! Home made fish fingers and chips was eaten in the car on the way home and her Dad and I were lucky to get a small taste of the cup cakes and Pavlovas!

The restricted diet has been linked to anxiety due to her Dyslexia and the cookery classes are a fantastic way to make food and eating fun. She is looking forward to getting back after a 1/2 term break.


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