Bea, Gymnastics in Brighton

Meet Bea, learning Gymnastics with Sponsored Child 2015


Name: Bea

Age: 9 Years old

Skill learning: Gymnastics

Sponsor:  Starz Academy in Brighton

About Bea: Bea struggles with her reading at school and is excited about being able to excel at something without having to read.



Updates on Bea's progress in her sponsored Gymnastics classes

Bea is one of the lucky children to be sponsored in 2015. She'll be learning Gymnastics with Starz Academy in Brighton and you can see how much she progresses over the year.



 Update from Mum (Date: 11/1/16)

In December, Istarz Academy held a rythmic gymnastics gala to celebrate the achievements of their pupils. Bea attends one for their recreational groups and opened the gala with a dance representing the excitement of Christmas and opening presents on Christmas day. She was thrilled to take part and thoroughly enjoyed performing in front of a couple of hundred people. Bea was also delighted to meet a very talented gymnast called Hannah Martin. At just thirteen she is the UK silver medalist for a couple of different areas of rythmic gymnastics.


Bea was truly inspired by her skills and adeptness with the ball and hoop in particular. Bea's confidence in her body is astounding and although she is frustrated by what she perceives as her slow progress, the way she moves and dances has become even more graceful. Every night we are treated to a new performance all demonstrating her skill development.


Bea would really like to get a place on the squad so that she can practise her gymnastics skills with more dedicated training. She would love to enter competitions and do a set piece at the next gala which is in the summer.


 Update from Mum (Date: 8/09/15)

Bea hasn't had any gym classes since Mid July, however this hasn't stopped her enthusiasm for practicing wherever and whenever she can. She's taught herself to do a walkover and to move from a handstand to a crab. It's fair to say that whenever there is an opportunity to cartwheel or do roundness, Bea takes it firmly with both hands on the ground and her legs in the air.Her core strength must be terrific.


Bea hasn't really faced any challenges in the class but I know she can't wait for the term to start this week. She's really looking forward to being with friends and learning new skills. Maybe even looking at developing enough skills for a competition.



 Update from Mum (Date: 3/5/15)

Bea has finally had her first ever gymnastics lesson. We started a little late in the term due to unforeseen circumstances, but Bea has been so excited since winning sponsorship for the I starz academy.


The outfit was planned well in advance and we arrived at Balfour school in Brighton a little early. This gave us an opportunity to watch girls in the earlier class practicing their vaulting, dancing with hula hoops and their routines. Suddenly Bea felt a little bit nervous and daunted about her class. Luckily she spotted a couple of girls in her year and some from the year above which helped to settle her. The girls started with some warm ups and then split into two groups. Bea's group was working on their floor work, handstands, cartwheels, kicks and balances. She quickly settled into the group and made a new friend. She seemed so confident and capable that you would never have realised it was her very first gymnastics lesson. Then they stopped with the other group and practiced vaulting and jumps. She amazed me and the staff by looking so natural and capable, despite never having jumped from a board before.


I think Bea is going to really develop some beautiful gymnastics skills with Starz academy's support. Bea came home absolutely buzzing with excitement and can't wait for her next session. There might even be an opportunity to enter a cup competition at the end of the term.


Thank you Kallikids and Starz for this wonderful opportunity.


Update from Mum (Date: 14/4/15)

Bea is overwhelmed with excitement. This is such an exciting opportunity for Bea as she struggles with her reading immensely and consequently finds learning at school really challenging. It is wonderful to have this opportunity for her to develop a skill where she can excel without having to read. She is quite athletic and cartwheels virtually everywhere, and it will be so nice for her to get some real tutoring rather than her just trying to learn from You Tube tutorials.

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