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Rules for applications 2015

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Important points to note


Child Applications

Children and families are eligible to apply for one or more sponsorships.

The application must be made by the child's parent or carer who is over the age of 18 and is a UK resident.

The application must be made (and received by KalliKids) by midnight on the 20th February 2015.

Promoting Children Learning

The learning and development of the selected children will be followed by KalliKids with regular requests to the family and accredited provider for updates.

Photos, videos and other material where your child is identifiable will be used on the KalliKids website, social media and press releases, on the provider's own website, social media and press releases and in other potential marketing materials of these parties.

By applying for a Sponsored Child place, you are agreeing to submitting regular updates on progress (answers to questions and photos) and to the use of all related materials for marketing purposes.

Child selection process

Applicants who are already members (or have recently been members of a class) may not be considered for sponsorship by the activity provider if he or she so chooses.

Applications will be read and selected by the KalliKids team and the relevant activity provider based on:

  • appropriate age
  • motivation and enthusiasm
  • positive attitude to learning
  • ability to commit to attend all lessons
  • suitability to fit in with the culture of the class to be joined.

The decision of which child to sponsor of the accredited provider is final.

The choice of the child by the activity provider is at his or her discretion and if a suitable child is not found, the activity provider may choose to not sponsor a child in 2015.

At the end of the day, it is their business or organisation offering this opportunity and they must be 100% comfortable with their decision.

Child class attendance

The accredited provider has the right to stop the sponsorship at any time for:

  • Non-attendance: Parents must commit to the full Sponsorship term. If a child does not attend classes regularly then he or she will not progress and the Sponsorship Place will have been wasted for another child.
  • Inappropriate behaviour: if the child, family or friends behave in any way that disrupts the class.
  • Class closure: if for financial or other reasons the accredited provider has to close the class.






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