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Sponsored Child 2015 Places

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The KalliKids Sponsored Child 2015 Program is an amazing opportunity for over 70 children to learn a new skill or activity for a whole year for free!  #KalliKidsSponsoredChild 

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Find a Sponsored Place for your child

Click on your county to find the sponsored places that could inspire your child. 

Over 70 Sponsored Children places in 16 counties

  Bedfordshire                     Berkshire                         Bucks                         Derbyshire         

Picture of Bedford town bridge to represent children's activities       Picture of Windsor Castle for children to do in Berkshire       Picture of Cliveden House to represent children's activities in Buckinghamshire       Picture of the Derbyshire peaks to represent kids activities in Derbyshire       


            Dorset                        Hampshire                    Hertfordshire                        Kent                   

Picture of cliff and beach for children to do in Dorset        Picture of Ascot race course to represent Hampshire       Picture of St Albans Abbey to represent children's activities in Hertfordshire        Picture of the White Cliffs of Dover to represent Kent      


              Manchester                    N + SW London                Oxfordshire                    Shropshire                    

Picture of Manchester United Stadium to represent children's activities in Manchester       Picture of London Bridge for children in London       Picture of Oxford to represent recommended children's activities in Oxfordshire       Picture of Ludlow Castle in Shropshire to represent children's activities in Shropshire      


        Somerset                          Surrey                          Sussex                          Wiltshire                

Picture of country side bridge for children to do in Somerset       Picture of Box Hill in Surrey a place to take the kids       Children's activities and services in Brighton       Picture of Stonehenge for children to do in Wiltshire      


About Sponsored Child 2015 and how it works

This is the second year the program is running and in 2014, 19 children were selected and they've been learning skills ranging from sewing to tennis, from Maths to French and from swimming to dance. You can see their progress so far via each child's page.

How Sponsored Child 2015 works

  • Children learn a new skill or activity, from swimming to martial arts, from dance to drama, from football to sewing and so much more.
  • The lucky children go to the relevant class just like other children for a whole year but don't pay for the classes.
  • The progress of each child is followed by KalliKids and shared with other families to inspire their children to learn something new too.

Points to note about applying for your child to be sponsored

  • You must be able to commit to take your child to the classes for a whole year - this is an amazing opportunity and not to be wasted on just a few weeks.
  • You must send KalliKids regular updates and photos so other families are inspired by your child's progress.
  • You cannot have already been a customer/family involved with the accredited provider when you apply for the sponsored place.
  • See other notes here

How to apply for your child to be sponsored

  • Simply find the Sponsored Child place(s) that you want to apply for by looking at your county below and each of the classes and clubs offering a Sponsored Child place.
  • Make sure you are applying for a place of the right child's age range and take a note of the requirements (for example, location, ability and potentially some financial commitment such as a uniform)
  • Then simply complete the short form with your details and tell us why your child deserves this place.

What happens after application?

  • Once all applications are received and the application process is closed, each accredited class in the program will review their applications and select the child to sponsor.
  • Each class will have a different method to do this - therefore you may be selected as part of a short-list, you may be invited to an open evening or you may be contacted via email or telephone.


Find a sponsored place


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