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For children in Haywards Heath

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Recommended by parents for children

Children can have lots of fun in Haywards-Heath, as well as learning lots of new things. Take a look at the KalliKids Accredited children's activities and services recommended by parents so far.


  1. The Wooden Toy Shack

    Beautifully crafted traditional wooden toys.
    • 4.9
      • Quality of Service 5.0
      • What the Kids Think 5.0
      • What the Adults Think 5.0
      • Value for Money 4.7
    • 3 Reviews
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    Member since January 2016
  2. Clickity-Clack Parties

    Wishes and smiles all come true at a party planned just for you! Amazing, energetic and fun entertainment for children at Birthday parties and events!
    • 4.9
      • Quality of Service 5.0
      • What the Kids Think 4.7
      • What the Adults Think 5.0
      • Value for Money 5.0
    • 3 Reviews
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    Member since February 2016
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Fun facts for kids - Haywards-Heath

  • Home town to Leslie Ash, Daley Thompson and Natasha Bedingfield, Haywards Heath surprisingly also saw the longest ever game of floorball (an indoor type of floor hockey) which was 25 hours and 13 min long !
  • This prosperous town boast lots of attractive amenities and a town centre with a mix of independent shops and national chains. Haywards Heath was famous for its cattle market which was opened in 1859 and only closed in 1989 when Sainsbury replaced it. Now the only cattle the children can see are those at the local farms and parks !