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Bag colouring gallery

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Here are just a few of the pictures of KalliKids bags, coloured in by children (young and old) to win KalliKids Bear.

Bag competition gallery - great examples from the children!




                                     Thomas (4)


                                    Catherine (8)


                                    Rebecca (6)


                                    Elizabeth (2)


             Santosh (4)                           Harshini (6)





            Jessica (5)                                Callum




                Ella (2)                                Ellisa


        Summer (aged 5)


         Caitlyn (aged 4)


       Millie  (aged 7)


               Jasmine's bag



Emma (aged 9)  Thomas (aged 3)          Ella



       Leo                     Darcy


Amazing purple - even the handles are coloured



Happy colouring - Charlie and friends!


Sahana (aged 4) - amazing!


This is so neatly done! (Morgan aged 6)


         Cheeky grin!



























Phoebe aged 4


 Charlotte's bag Age 6


Jack age 3 and Claire age 5


  Ava Howarth age 6


Anika's Kallikids colouring bag

           Anika's  bag!



     Autumn's Bag



   Maddison's bag             Delphie (aged 4)



Isabella's bag - Aged 4 1/2


Kasey's bag - Aged 6

Emmie, Sebastian and Gil's bags - Aged 7, 5 & 5



Francesca's bag - Aged 6


Jolene's daughter Poppy's Bag


Robyn's bag - Aged 5

Speedy kids in London! 



          Beatrice's bag                       Zed's bag (aged 5)



  Erin (aged 3 3/4)              Lily (aged 5)



       Honor (aged 3)                       Rafe (aged 5)



   Olivia and her bag        Francesca and Lydia (aged 3 and 5)


       Ethan (aged 4)



      Noreen's Daughter 1               Autumn (aged 2)



      Noreen's Daughter 2              Willow (aged 4)



      Sent by Mum Lisa                       Ben's bag         



Rory (aged 6)                                Megan (aged 8)



Talia (aged 5)                       Cameron (aged 3 and a half)



Hannah (aged 10)                          Lewis
















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