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Thinking about child-care in Brighton and Hove?


Ever been confused about the different types of childcare available?

Here are is simple introduction from Judith of HAH! Brighton, who is is a registered home child-carer, looking after children in children's own homes in Brighton and Hove.

What is an at home child-carer?

An at home child-carer is simply someone who comes to your own home to look after your children. You don't need to take them anywhere, they can stay in their own familiar surroundings.

Why use an at home child-carer?

First and foremost because the care they offer is tailor made to fit your family’s needs. Your children can be looked after in the comfort and safety of your own home. An at home child-carer will be able to look after your child in exactly the same way as a nanny, but without the expense! Unlike nannies, at home child-carers are self-employed and only charge you for the hours of work they undertake. They do, however, offer a very similar service to a nanny and are an ideal solution for parents who work shifts or unusual hours. Many of the at home child-carers on the Council’s register even offer an overnight stay service for parents who have to work away from home from time to time.

The charging rates for at home childcare vary from carer to carer, with some carers charging by the hour according to the time of day and others according to the number of children - but the rates are comparable to other forms of childcare.

Why be an at home child-carer?

The answer is simple; because it allows you to work with children as individuals, giving them a very high level of personal attention that is very different to other childcare settings. Every child is unique and at home child-carers can really tap into each child’s interests and needs. HAH! BRIGHTON has several families that use their at home childcare service and Judith Semus loves the variety that the role offers. It’s great fun working with the children and getting to know them so well. HAH! BRIGHTON currently has children ranging from six months to 11 years that they look after, and getting to know them all and being part of their lives is incredibly rewarding. You might be helping with homework one day, taking the children to swimming lessons the next and getting messy making cakes in the kitchen on another! No two days are ever the same.

Child-carers in Brighton and Hove

There are 29 at home child-carers on Brighton & Hove City Council’s register. To qualify, at home child-carers must have a relevant childcare qualification and experience, an up to date paediatric first aid certificate, safeguarding training provided by the Council, a current DBS check (formerly CRB) and be Ofsted registered. They must also be fully insured.

Information on all childcare available across the city, as well as details on how to apply for available funding for childcare, can be found on the Council's website, via the Council's Family Information Service. You can access this from a link on the home page to Children and Education.

HAH! BRIGHTON offers quality at home childcare and other family services. Judith Semus of HAH! BRIGHTON is on Brighton & Hove City Council's formal register of childcare providers as an at home child-carer and is KalliKids accredited. See more about Judith here


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